Saturday, April 20, 2013

Watercolor Pencil And Paint Card

This was a fun card to make. While sorting through things I found a bunch of squares cut from heavy cardstock. They were left over from a demonstration I did several times where I sprayed air freshener on the cardstock so customers could sniff it and write down on the square of cardstock what the scent was that they liked. I figured since the squares were so heavy to see how they might react to watercolor pencils and water. They look and act like they were cut from heavy hot pressed watercolor paper. Here is my card.
I took purple, vermillion, and blue watercolor pencils and scribbled on the square. Then I took a wet brush and brushed over my scribbles. After the square had dried I stamped with my music background stamp. For the butterfly I went in studio and made two copies of it. The first butterfly I filled in with a pattern and made the pattern more transparent. The second butterfly I filled in with another pattern. Then I merged the two butterflies into one. I made a copy then of the new butterfly. So I could print and cut two butterflies out. After Cameron cut out the butterflies I brushed metallic lavender watercolor paint over them on the printed side as well as the back, I wish the metallic sheen would have shown up in the photo. The butterfly is absolutely gorgeous in person. When they dried I cut scrap floss for the antenna and sandwiched it between the two butterflies. The butterfly is attached with a tiny piece of 3d foam. I thought the cardbase needed something and when I saw the paint chip I knew it would be perfect. It really makes the colors on both the pencil background and the butterfly pop.

I love how printed shapes look with a light brushing of the metallic watercolors over it. I will be doing this more often. I also will probably be playing with my watercolor pencils more. Now I want to buy watercolor crayons for a neat technique I saw done. Using watercolors is an inexpensive way to make pattern paper. The advantage to it is you usually can match your homemade pattern paper to your other elements.

Thank you for stopping by and do come back. Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!


  1. Myoriah! wow! both the backgorun square and your butterfly look colorlishes. You did a great job and again you thought out of the box to create beauty. Thank you for sharing. Hugs,Debbie

  2. Myoriah
    You certainly did a wonderful job on both the butterfly and the music square. Made me want to dig out my music stamp. It is only a tiny one but what the heck, I can repeat stamp it. lol

  3. I love this card. Your watercolour pencil crayon technique turned out so well. I like how you stamped the music over top. I have a music background stamp too. Your butterfly is really outstanding as well.


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