Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Thanks...Another Thank You Card

I really like how this card turned out. I wanted to use the border punch that I was given as well as some of the card stock from the pad that I bought with a gift card I was given.

 I used  the free Silhouette thanks tag file to cut out the tag. The background card stock is from the Specialty Papers pad. The yellow tag is attached to a paint sample chip from Martha Stewart. The chips are the perfect size and have no visible printing on the front of them making them perfect for card making. In particular I like the metallic samples and the pottery ones. Although this looks brown in the picture it is actually a greenish color and has more of a metal look to it. The brads are from Karen Foster they were a gift from someone else but I thought they just added to the card. I wanted to add a touch of pink that was in the background in the card.

When people give me craft supplies or I buy supplies with a gift card I like to use them in a thank you card for that person.

My next thank you card is going to be a little more labor intensive and I'm still percolating ideas for it. In the meantime someone wants me to get their stencil made so I have that to do. Also I really need to start to carve out a crafting spot out of a spare "junk" room.

Have you used paint samples in your crafting? What free things do you like to use in your crafting?

Thanks for visiting and come back again.

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