Saturday, January 21, 2012

Making Embellishments

If you have a die cutting machine or punches you can make your own embellishments for a fraction of the cost of what you would pay for in stores. Today I am making embellishments for cards. I'm using a free file by Kerri Bradford. Please go to her site for the file. Thank you. Friday Freebie Heart Border

I think of all the ones I did  today these two are my favorite the bottom one really sparkles.

This is how the file looked before I cut it out. The directions below are how I modified the original file.

Because I will be using this heart border on cards I've resized it and replicated it on my mat. No sense in just cutting out one. I did change the height after the first page I cut they tore easily taking them off the mat with my spatula. So the heart is more elongated than in the original file.

You could have less on a page and make some of them a print and cut by filling in with a pattern if you wished if you have a die cutting machine like the Silhouette which will allow you to do that. However, I want to do some playing and experimenting. Of course after glittering one I decided that I will go to the Craft store for some fine glitter as well as some metal leafing. I want to play with it and see how it works for making my own embellishments.

Oh and since we are being frugal here you can take the negative and use it as a stencil after you cut out your heart borders. You could put it over your card stock spray with adhesive and carefully remove the stencil and quickly sprinkle either flocking or glitter over the glued areas. If you don't want to mess with spray adhesive how about stamping your watermark pad over the stencil and then chalking,heat embossing,or using Perfect Pearls.

O.K if you have not figured out from the first picture what I used to take my plain ivory colored card stock and change them this is what I used in my play. From top to bottom.

  1. Fingernail polish. Yes you read that right. It is so shiny. I'm going to be looking through closeout bins and going to the dollar store. I think some with sparkles in it would be nice.
  2. Heat embossing powder. Both a plain purple and a white I had mixed some glitter in during an earlier play session.
  3. Martha Stewart flocking with glitter.
  4. Glitter both a pink and a white crystal. Am going to invest in fine glitter though.
  5. Perfect Pearls Forever Red
  6. A Sharpie Paint Pen
I would love to hear what you use to make your own embellishments. As well as what unusual things you use for your projects. Have you used eye shadow or other make up?

Thank you for stopping by and do come back again. LOL! You never know what this crazy experimenter might have up her sleeves.


  1. I love your experiments! This one's a real beauty!

  2. Soooo....pretty and again, you are one clever lady. Thanks for sharing all of the wonderful ideas you come up with.


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