Monday, January 9, 2012

Fashionable Lady

Recently while collecting Dover samples I saw this fashionable lady and for some reason fell head over heel with her. (If you have not signed up with Dover Publications for their weekly samples hop on over and do so. They have some fantastic graphic art.)I first saw the image with her in the background, Then while I was going through the samples there she was without the background and in black and white. How lucky could I be as I was going to trace and cut her out of the background.

 I have traced and duplicated the lady by herself so I can use one copy as a mask. This is how it looks in Studio for cutting. I will have to do a little bit of cutting with my craft knife but figured it would be faster and less stressful than fighting with those pesky points to edit the lines. The red lines are the cutting lines.

I did go back and resize as the image was bigger than I wanted so now all the pieces fit on one piece of card stock. Sometimes for me even though Studio tells me the size of something I have a difficult  time visualizing it until I print or cut it out. All is not lost though as I can use the one that is the wrong size for playing with colors and techniques or in a different project.

Here are my supplies and card stock I used for the background, For the background of the focal point and the lady I used the inks  and chalks. I played around first with my chalk inks, distress inks, and chalks with the images that were too large to get an idea of what I wanted to do. Also spent time playing around with different pattern card stock before deciding on this one. I ended up not needing to use the pink chalk ink to edge the lady as my chalk did just fine. Although it might have been nice to have inked the edges of the focal background.

For the background of the focal point I used a cotton ball with  light pink chalk after adhering my mask.I sprayed the back of the mask with re-positional spray. It is sticky enough for your mask to stay down but not so sticky it will ruin your card stock when you take it up or leave a residue. Some people use post it notes to make masks.
This is with the mask off. Masks are a great way when you want to color just certain areas with chalk or inks.
Here the second lady is colored with antique linen distress ink for the face with a little bit of  light pink chalk added. I used the tool that looks like a pen for adding the distress ink and chalk on the face as well as for coloring her gloves with chalk. I used a q tip for putting the darker pink chalk on the outfit.  Took a piece of ribbon and tied for a scarf and added rhinestones where the buttons were. Now I'm just waiting for the hat pin to dry. Once that is added I'll pop dot this lady on the background. The hat pin is clay formed on a bead pin and then painted with white perfect pearl mixed in a little bit of water after the clay dried. I will cut the wire shorter before gluing it on. I would have loved to have added a tiny feather but didn't have any the right color.
I love pattern card stock like this as there is so much you can do with the scraps. This card stock is from a stack pad named Black Currant by DCVW. There are beautiful foil card stocks in this collection. When I see card stock pads for half price I grab them even if I don't have an idea of what I will use the card stock for. I know in the future I'll find a use. It definitely is cheaper than buying 12x12 card stock at a dollar or more a piece.

If you have stayed with me so far here is the finished card front. Ta Da!

Opps! I forgot to chalk the one sleeve where I used a emery board to smooth it a little. Easily done with my q tip and chalk. Especially since she was pop dotted.

I got the shadow that I wanted by making the cut out lady just a hair smaller and leaving her the blue gray on the background by masking. Notice that by cutting the background just a little shorter on the bottom that she extends beyond it. I think it gives her a little more dimension. Hey though I am just a woman who flunked art class. LOL! So what do I know.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope that perhaps you learned a new technique or have been inspired to make your own creation. Please leave a comment telling me what you like,what you don't like or maybe even how you might have used this image.

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  1. I think that's just outstanding! You did a gorgeous job on this and should feel very proud!


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