Monday, December 5, 2011

Playing With Gesso...Another Snowman Card

I have looked high and low and the playing cards I was going to use making Christmas cards have disappeared. So it is off with another plan.

I bought some gesso to use on fabric so I could stamp it with regular inks. Well I never used it. Last night I decided to play. The card here I brushed the gesso on my card stock and used my swirling snow stamp in it. While it did give an interesting look and does look like snow especially after I sprinkled glitter in it while it was still wet. It is not what I was after. I thought it was interesting that in places the stamp picked up the gesso from the card stock leaving it to look more like little snow drifts.

His hat,boots,and mittens are cut out of foam. The scarf is knitted using craft thread. LOL! Next thing you know I'll be knitting doll clothes for the granddaughters. While visiting my sister I noticed she had some metal stencils so decided to see if I could emboss with them using my Big Shot. I discovered with the Merry Christmas it  was de-embossing using the foil card stock that has a white backing. Oh the snowman has blue eyes because I colored with a permanent blue marker the rhinestones

I decided to see what happened if I mixed green soap dye in with gesso. My first experiment stamping on card stock was awful. It all ran together.This time I brushed the mixture with a foam brush onto my stamp. I found it worked best if I then stamped once on a paper towel and then stamped on my paper. For this one I used a paper that is designed to be used with ink. I like how this turned out even though it did curl a little bit. I definitely will keep this in mind for making my own background. I want to try with water color paper and other papers. The gesso is suppose to be a resist so later I'll do more playing.

Have you done any experimenting lately? What artist supplies have you used?

Don't know what I'll be experimenting with next so do come back and see. Hope you are having a fun week crafting and that your holiday plans are all coming together smoothly.

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  1. You take crafting to the extreme, Myoriah! I can't believe you knitted the scarf for your cute snowman!


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