Sunday, December 11, 2011

Playing With Dimensional Magic Photo Key Ring

Took me a bit to figure out how to do this without the ink smearing. Everything I read said to use Mod Podge before using the Dimensional Magic. Well I looked at my bottle of Decoupage medium and it said it takes four weeks to cure. Ummmm.....I don't have four weeks. So after much playing I discovered that the best thing to do was to brush undiluted Elmer's all purpose glue on the card stock that I had printed my photo on. While playing I decided to see if I could rub Tim Holtz distress vintage ink over the photo after the glue had dried.

The upper left hand photo is what the photo of JR looked like before I applied the glue and vintage ink. Underneath is the photo attached to shimmer card stock cut out with a Spellbinder circle die. I ran it through my Creative Station for the adhesive but a tape runner will work. I discovered that glue will cause it to bleed when gluing to the card stock.. Then it is coated with the Dimensional Magic. The photo doesn't really do the Dimensional Magic justice as it looks like the photo is encased in glass.

I could just coat the back of the shimmer card stock and call it good but Buddy would feel unloved. The bottom right hand image is before with the glue dried on it.  The picture below is after with Buddy now on the other side with ring for attaching keys. You could also use a small jump ring and make this as a necklace.

It is normal for the Dimensional Magic to be milky but it should dry clear. With a pin pop any bubbles or it will crack.  I used a little on paper first to get rid of bubbles before applying to my project and only had a couple of tiny bubbles to pop. Also your project will crack if your glue is not completely dry before applying the Dimensional Magic. Do be patient and let the Dimensional Magic dry. Preferably for at least twenty four hours before coating the other side if using card stock as your base.. I did use a heat lamp to help it dry faster.Make sure it is in a draft free area while drying.

It costs me very little to make this. $4 for a 2 oz bottle of Dimensional Magic by Plaid and you just use a little. As well as what it cost for my card stock which was scraps. This would be a great way to use up those scraps of paper you have. You could adhere your papers to wood shapes. Just drill a hole. You can also buy jewelry and hair clip findings for this but we are talking cheap here. A craft place wanted as much as $12 for the metal tray pendant. The friend who I was going to make the necklace for so he can give to his mom said that is too much. So I decided to see if card stock would work as a base.

Well I'm off to making a small box to put this in. Hope things are going well with your making of gifts and holiday preparations. Thanks for stopping by and see you again soon.

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