Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Headbands Are In!

I was looking for inexpensive gifts which were also lightweight to send to my eldest granddaughter. I discovered that headbands are still in fashion. I surfed the web looking at different designs and pricing them. That is when I decided to make my own. So it was off to doing more surfing for DIY headbands. Then it was off to a dollar store. I bought six narrow fabric covered headbands for $1. Then using what I had on hand already made the headbands.

If you are looking for a gift for a girl don't forget that headbands are in. Which headband are you going to make? Are you going to make a romantic vintage looking one or perhaps a seasonal one? Are you going to make a headband for yourself?

These are just a few ideas. If you have a headband you don't like or find a plastic one inexpensive but you don't like color you can change it. Wrap the headband with ribbon or following the directions in "The Complete Photo Guide to Ribbon Crafts" you can create a fabulous woven headband. This book also has some other wonderful ideas for using ribbon. Check it out from your public library.

Below is how I made these headbands. I will try to find links to add here for making the lace flowers and ribbon roses or post in another post instructions for them.

The black headband has a lace flower.  Lace flowers are easy to make and there are several sites with instructions for making them. It is topped with a button with a jewel glued on top. 

For the blue headband I took wide sheer wire ribbon I bought at a dollar store and cut in half approximately 12" lengths.I then made ribbon roses. So each length of ribbon you can make two roses. There are several sites with tutorials for making ribbon roses if you don't know how. Believe me they are really easy to make and can even be made out of crepe paper or strips of paper for other projects. 

The braided one was the most fun to make. I took three different colors of narrow ribbon which I had bought for fifty cents a roll. I cut a little over a yard as I wanted my granddaughter to be able to wear the headband on her forehead and tie it in back if she wanted. I pinned the ribbon to a scrap of Styrofoam to braid it. Cut the ribbon 6" longer than you want the finished braid to be.

The white headband has shrink plastic snowflakes glued on it. I bought over the summer Tim Holtz's Winter Wonderland die at a sidewalk sale for $5. I used scraps of shrink plastic from other projects. Using my I Rock tool I adhered the rhinestones. 

Come back next week and I'll post a box which is the perfect size for these headbands. Of course the box can also be used for other things. LOL!


  1. My girls love headbands. Sounds like a trip to the dollar store is in order. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. You are welcome Kelly. Another headband which I have not made yet is a braided one with leather cord and beads added while you braid. Would not even need to attach the braided ones to headbands.


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