Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Button, Button Who Has The Button

Looking for stocking stuffers for a girl. If she has long hair she may like a button ponytail holder. They are really easy to make. Of course you can make these for yourself also.

Sorry I took pictures while I was making these but forgot to put the the memory card back in the camera. I have not figured out how to transfer pictures from the internal memory to my computer.

I kept looking at these buttons every time I went past them in WalMart wondering what I could do with them. Well today in WalMart I bought them. I already had the ponytail holders left over from my working days. My granddaughters have been wearing their hair in pigtails and braids so I thought these would be perfect.

To make these you will need shank buttons. The bigger the shank the easier it will be to pull the ponytail holder through it. Some of the buttons that came in the package the shanks were too small and I'll save those to use on cards or other projects. Making fabric covered buttons to use for this project would be cute. I also saw some beautiful metal shank buttons that I'm thinking of buying for myself.

This just happened to be the size I had of hair elastics but you could use whatever size you want. The tricky part depending on your shank size will be to thread the elastic through the shank. I used a large needle to help poke it through. Once you have it pulled through  about halfway you are going to slip one end through the loop of the other end. You will pull it tight and you are done. Easy! My type of crafting.

Besides using buttons in sewing how do you use buttons?  Do you make your own stocking stuffers? What type of things do you use for stocking stuffers?

I am going to try to find time this week to make Christmas cards using playing cards. So don't throw those deck of cards out that has missing cards. LOL! Do come back to see what I do with them.

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