Saturday, November 19, 2011

Faux Glimmer Mist

I know I said I was going to post about boxes but I do not have pictures yet and it has been too dark to take good pictures.

Thought I would share how to make your own glimmer mist. I tried doing what is in this video only to have the mister clog. Do not do this in the Ranger's mini misters. Also make sure you use the warm water as everything mixes up better.

I ended up buying some misters which artist use for painting and they worked a lot better and also larger size. Although this video talks about using Mod Podge I have done this without it. However, if you decide to add the Pearl Ex that is mentioned you will want to use the Mod Podge as it is a binder. Personally I prefer using Perfect Pearls which is cheaper and once mixed in water binds.

 I usually paint this mixture on paper and cutouts instead of spraying.  I have made some beautiful designs that way. If your projects curl you can either iron them flat after they dry or use a embossing gun while they are still wet.

 If you don't want to mess with paint you can use water and Perfect Pearls. This is my preferred method for a spray. I have added soap dye for color because that is what I have left over from my soap making days and gotten some nice effects that way. I have used the Perfect Pearls by itself as well as mixed alcohol ink with the Perfect Pearls. I have not tried food coloring yet only because I don't have any but that might work also.

 I buy the Perfect Pearls with a coupon and it is cheaper to buy it without the brushes and medium. That is if you can find it that way. Although the Perfect Pearls may seem to be expensive there is so much you can do with it. I will show some projects in a future post of some of the projects I have used Perfect Pearls with.

This is card stock that I  put flower cutouts on and sprayed using my soap dye and Perfect Pearls in a mister. Sorry the picture doesn't really show the glimmer that much. Not only did I get a pretty piece of card stock but also got pretty flowers to use on projects. By the way I do my misting in a box in a bath tub easier to clean up the mess that way. LOL!

Have fun and let me know what you are going to do or have done with faux glimmer mist. If you have a recipe for faux glimmer mist I would love it if you would share it.

Stay tuned as I really am going to post about boxes. LOL!

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  1. Great idea! I have a bunch of radiant pearls paint (that I bought years ago and is still as good as new)... bet this technique would work with the paint too. You are so right about investing in good tools - they do pay for themselves and last a long time. I have a good set of watercolor pencils and crayons that I purchased about 10 years ago and still use frequently... seemed like a HUGE purchase at the time, but considering how long they have lasted, not too bad. Congrats on your blog!


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