Saturday, March 11, 2017

Super Scraps Saturday Challenge

Hi everyone today is another Super Scraps Saturday over at Hiding In My Craft room. The sponsor of this challenge is a company that is new to me Digital Delights. The winner of this challenge will receive a $5 gift certificate. Remember you can't win if you don't enter.

Drum roll please as here is my inspiration piece.

 I will confess that I have pattern card stock which for years has been gathering dust. This particular piece I felt like the pattern was too large for a card. However, I decided to pull it out and play to see how it would work cutting out a fold and tuck embellishment.  After I cut out my embellishment I decided to see if a piece would work for a background with the section with words cut off.

My bunny is an image from Digital Delights. I found a scrap of card stock which I had dyed with coffee playing around.  I also printed the image on a scrap of muslin.

I cut the baseball hat out of the muslin and then colored with a fabric marker. I then took a white gel pen and went over the print lines. For some reason the marker color bled into the white while I was tracing over the printed lines. I also used the white gel pen for the dot in the eyes and for the teeth.

For the nose and pads of the feet I used Black Imagine Craft Radiant Neon Amplify. I also used yellow for the center of the flower. Before heating the center of the flower I took a paint brush and pounced it up and down in the wet medium. The rest of the flower, stem and leaves were colored using Tulip fabric paint.

I cut out the bunny and pop dotted onto the fold and tuck piece. Then came the playing with scraps for using as a mat so that the focal piece didn't melt into the background. I felt like the black made the bunny pop and I am drowning in black scraps. Then it was a matter of deciding how the black scrap was going to be placed. I decided that I liked it best place on the diagonal.

For those who are wondering how to print on fabric or scraps. It is really easy. If I'm not sure where the image is going to print I'll print first on copy paper. Then it is a matter of either taking low tack tape and taping your scrap or fabric over the printed area on the copy paper. Or spraying with a re-positional adhesive your fabric or scrap. I use the re-positional adhesive when I'm printing text on ribbon or binding. If you are using tape just make sure it is not where the printer is going to print. For both my laser and my ink jet printer I load with fabric or scraps face down in the drawer. Your printer may work differently.

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!

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  1. I used to be on this design team, shooting tutorials for them. Very nice owner. So you printed on Muslin. How interesting and your image is just too stinkn' cute. Great work.


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