Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Altered Playing Cards Week 16

Hi everyone! Can you believe that this is the last day of the year or that we are already in week 16 for the altered card challenge. This week there did not appear to be a theme but I did use Claudine's technique even though I had to improvise once again. Of course like usual I also put my own spin on things.

Claudine used Tim Holtz tissue but I don't have any so I used wrapping tissue paper and Ranger Archive black ink which is waterproof with background stamps.

For this card I painted my gessoed card with metallic turquoise and metallic copper paint to give it the look of old metal.. I used a checkerboard stamp I bought at a thrift store for this card. When the card was dry I took my stamped tissue paper crumpled it and then glued it down. When the glue was dry I took gel walnut stain and rubbed over it  with that and then with a paper towel dabbed some of the stain up. The sentiment was done with my Brother's label maker. I like using the clear tape.

The flower was the fun part of this project. It was an experiment in making my own paper clay from clean toilet paper.  I cut my petals out of card stock and then put the paper clay over the card stock covering it and shaping as I went. I made the three balls for the center. When the paper clay was dry I used my airbrush to color my flower and glued the balls in the center. I used a foam adhesive square on the back of the smaller petal to give the flower a little bit of dimension. Then I took a scrap of green ribbon to make my stem and a leaf.

This was a fun card to do and now I know that Ranger's Archival ink will work with my gel stain as well as glaze paints. :-)

For this card I painted turquoise metalic paint on it. Even with the sequin tissue paper on it was still really bright. I stamped with my music background stamp and once again did what I did on the first card. When the glue was dry I took Powder Blue Paint and mixed it with  glaze medium. This gives color but still allows the paint to have some transparency depending on how much glaze you mix in.

The image I found on the internet when I put a search in for free New Year's clipart. After I printed and my machine cut it out I used Dimensional Magic for my bubbles. Glossy Accent would work also but Dimensional Magic just happens to be what I have.

Once again the sentiment was done with the label maker. This time I printed it with the letters vertical and overlapped the two labels.

There you have my two altered playing cards for this week. If you would like to try to make your own paper clay it is really easy.  This is a good way to play with clay without investing a lot of money. I used Mod Podge in mine but you can use regular white glue if you wish:
10 sheets double play toilet tissue paper shredded
1 Tablespoon of collage adhesive
1/4 cup of water

Put all ingredients in a ziplock bag  close it and knead. until you have a smooth consistency. Open the bag a little bit and squeeze excess water out. Store the clay in the bag between uses. This clay can be painted, colored with markers, sprayed with color mist, etc. You could even replace some of the water with food coloring.

This is all I have for this year. Wishing you a Happy New Year and Frugal Crafting till we meet again. I plan to do some tutorials and other fun things in 2015. See you then!



  1. Thank you for the recipe for handmade paper clay. It sounds easy enough. Your cards are so cute. Love the note stamp on your background. Happy New Year!

  2. I love them, love how you stamped your tissue paper too. Very nicely done. Happy New year

  3. Well my adventurous friend you have a couple of cuties here. Happy New Year.


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