Thursday, May 24, 2012

Racing By To Say

My son was born with a wrench in his hand and a love of cars. That love of cars also includes racing. In fact on his 21st birthday I watched him race because that was how he wanted to celebrate his milestone birthday. I have to say I was relieved to see a fire engine and emergency personnel present. Definitely was glad also that he was legally racing. With Father's day coming up I thought it was the perfect time to make a card for him with a racing theme.

Here is the card I came up with. I was able to find a free Nascar SVG file to use as a print and cut at The pennant was in my Studio library so it must have been a freebie since I don't buy that many files. The flags are a border which was free clipart I found somewhere. I added the sentiment and filled it in with a checkered pattern but for some reason although I changed the lines to black and to print .they didn't print. Since I ran out of ink just as I printed the flag and car I went ahead and filled the font in by hand so it is easier to read.  I took a stir stick and cut it in half and glued the pennant onto it. This is just behind the track which is pop dotted onto the card.

Yes, the car really does move on the track I designed. The card stock was in a pad and I never had an idea of how I was going to use it before. While looking for card stock I saw it and thought it would be perfect for the race track. 

A closeup of the car showing the windshield and lights which I used Dimensional Magic on.  This picture doesn't really do it justice. I love how it adds the little extra to it.

I don't know who is going to have more fun with this card. My son or my eldest granddaughter who was also born with a wrench in her hand. What can I say it is in the genes. LOL! I might just have to make my granddaughter her own card with a car that moves. After all this design of card would work for birthdays and other occasions.

You can make the track straight, curved or however you want to make it. The image you want to move is placed over the track and pop dotted to a circle underneath. Then I find it best if the track is pop dotted to your project. Just watch where you place your dots as you want your image to move freely.

The first time it took me a couple of tries before I got it right  designing the track but although there is a track die on the market you are limited by shape of the track and size. Not to mention the price as dies can get expensive. Which is probably why I have only two. One I bought on sale and one I won.

I have other projects in the works but I want to see if I can design a track where the images would move up and down. I think a card with butterflies in different positions on tracks would be cool.

My frugal tip is to remember to use search for finding free files. I have found a lot of free files that way when looking for something in particular. I have also found a lot of blogs with inspiration.

I'm not sure what I'll be sharing next but I have a few ideas in mind and a few more challenges I want to enter if I don't get too busy doing some redecorating and much needed organizing of things. Thank you for stopping by and do come by again.  Wishing you Frugal crafting till we meet again.


  1. Fun card and I am sure your son will just love it!
    Tine (Addie24)

  2. Nascar! My hubby loves racing too. I like the saying; I may have to swipe this idea. The card is perfecto for the racing gents we love. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Very cute card. Love the way you did the windshield and lights!

  4. So cool!! I bet he's going to love it.

  5. Thanks for the tip on free files. I no longer have photoshop on my computer so I'm not sure I can use those any more. Plus, my laptop isn't hooked up to a printer. The perils of living with a roommate in her house. Your card is super duper cute, and I like how creative you got. Thanks for hanging in there with me while I took a 9 month hiatus.




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