Saturday, May 26, 2012

Gold Fingers

Right now some of my fingers are gold because of a splatter challenge over at Moxie Fab World. My fingers are also green because the nozzle of a spray bottle leaked. Here is the splatter card which I made. It was fun being messy while being creative at the same time. (Click on the image to see the glimmer better.)

 Using two different greens and a pink faux glimmer mist I sprayed the scalloped panel and rectangle the flower is on. I discovered that depending on angle and distance I could get splatter patterns or an even spray. Because I wanted the splatter to be soft I sprayed while my card stock was still wet giving it a watercolor effect. I had never tried spraying more than one color at a time and was pleased the way they turned out.

The panel on the scallop is the same textured card stock as the base. My gold acrylic paint bottle was fairly empty so I added water to it and gold water color paint. (I buy water colors in tubes so it is easy to squeeze into water or onto my pallet.) I couldn't find my bristle paint brush so decided to try with a foam brush and my fingers to splatter. The blobs were large and runny. I didn't like it but remembered seeing a video where a woman splattered and then dabbed at the paint with a paper towel. LOL! I was in the bathroom splattering with my box so didn't have any paper towels so grabbed toilet tissue instead. Did have to in a couple of places brush off with my hand the small pieces of paper before the paint had totally dried. I like how it turned out and will have to keep that in mind for future projects.

The pink flowers are my o design flower petals. I made different sizes of the petals. I put them together with a gold brad. I love how with my faux  glimmer spray I can turn white card stock into a different color.

Spraying with glimmer mist or splatter paint the card  stock will probably curl but it can be ironed flat. I use a dry iron with a cotton setting. Sometimes you will get a ruffled look on the edges which may not iron out but I think it gives character to the project.

If you want to get into the fun of the Moxie Fab World Challenge it is open until the 4th of June. 
Even if you are not interested there are loads of entries to look at. In fact I'm not even halfway through looking at all the interesting and fabulous entries. Cath is going to have a difficult time picking winners.

My frugal tip is to take time to play. You never know what you may come up with using what you have on hand. Oh and if you have near empty bottles of acrylic paint don't be afraid to add water and use the thinned down paint for a color wash or other techniques.

Thank you for stopping by. Happy Frugal crafting till we meet again.

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