Friday, January 4, 2013

Embossing Mania Thanks Card

O.K. I must confess that I went crazy heat embossing yesterday. I wanted to try a couple of ideas I had .I wish I could have gotten a better picture as the picture doesn't totally do it justice. But you can see some of the sparkle.

I embossed card stock using the Sizzix Best Friend background embossing folder. Then I rolled clear embossing liquid over it and used Raspberry pearl embossing powder. I didn't like the raspberry pearl so then used white pearl over it. I didn't totally like that and so used vintage lilac embossing powder which is really sparkly. Some of the white and raspberry bubbled up through the lilac and gave the piece an interesting look.  I love how it turned out.

I created the word Thanks using two different fonts and welding them together. I used Arial and Bookman Old Style. I started with the Arial and used that font for every other letter. I cut the phrase out of a scrap of vanilla card stock. I heavily applied  liquid embossing. I sprinkled first silver by rubbing it between my fingers and letting it randomly fall on the letters and then I added the raspberry pearl the same way. I heat embossed like normal. I love the way the phrase turned out.While heat embossing I discovered that the way the letters were welded there was enough play to arch the phrase on the card. I like that better than my original idea to have it straight on the card.

The flower is also cut out of a scrap of vanilla card stock. I used silver and raspberry embossing powder. I love the resulting color when the two are blended together and will keep it in mind for future projects. The color did get deeper on the flower when I used the rake tip with the Hot Boss Embossing Tool. I used the Bejeweler Pro to add a small pink rhinestone in the middle of the flower. I first used the tip to make a dimple in the center. Cleaned it off good on scrap paper and carefully put my rhinestone in the tip. It was so easy to use and I was able to get the rhinestone exactly when I wanted it.

 I love the way this card came out so much that it is going to be difficult to let it go to a new home. However, knowing that it is going to bring a bit of joy makes it easier. Do you ever make cards for people and then have a hard time parting with them?

That's all folks. Thank you for stopping by. Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!

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  1. Happy New Year Myoriah!

    Wow your card just SINGS with sparkly textured goodness. I love it. I know how this can be with embossing, it adds that extra special "oomph" to a card.

    I wonder if a heat embossing matt is like one of those teflon baking matts you can buy for cookie sheets?

    Thanks for showing!



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