Wednesday, January 23, 2013

"Be" UNIQUE Heart Shaped Card

One of my crafting intentions for this year is to try new techniques and to use my Cameo more in my card making. With that intention in mind I made a heart shaped card template,a stencil and mask in Studio. Then cut them out with my Cameo. Then it was play time with my different crafting supplies. LOL! Not only is the sentiment "Be" UNIQUE on the card but this is a unique card for me at least.
First I took the heart from what was one week a freebie. The Be mine scalloped heart to make my card shape.  Oppsie! The card won't stand up if the heart has a sharp point. So with my scissors I cut straight across. I think it may have been better if I would have made a top fold instead of side fold as it is really skinny where the card folds. I cut out a heart smaller than the card for my focal panel. Then cut out even a smaller heart to use as a mask.

 I was going to mist the card base with my color mist but ended up having to mist a separate heart as the card base fell apart. So I had to cut out another card base to place the misted heart on. The camera doesn't really pick up the shimmer.

For the pattern heart I taped my stencil which I cut out using the herringbone background cutting file which I believe was a freebie at one time. Then I taped my smaller heart over it by making a tape loop on the back of it. I squirted a dab of Lowes Cornell Aquamarine Metallic Water Color Paint onto my craft mat. Then took a cosmetic foam sponge and coated it with paint and dabbed part of it off on the mat. Then I dabbed over my stencil.  (I discovered that you want a fairly thick paint and not too much on your applicator. Acrylic paints will work.) Then I took off the stencil and my heart mask because it was on top. Placed my heart mask back down and rubbed chalk over my stenciled pattern.

I meant to rub chalk ink over the smaller heart but I was having so much fun with my blending chalk I had forgotten that was my original plan. This time I removed the heart mask and placed my negative from cutting out the mask taping it down and used a couple of different colors of blending chalk. Then I stamped my sentiment and small key using my Memento Black ink. The stamps are from Inkadinkado "Inspirational Lift". set. There are eighteen fabulous stamps to the set. Normally I don't like to stamp directly because I'm afraid that after all my work that I'll mess up stamping. However, these stamps are high quality and so far I have not been disappointed with the Memento ink.

I decided after I was done stamping to go ahead and outline the heart with a clear glitter gel pen. I took the negative again and placed it down and used my pen to go along the edge. Next time though I'll tape it down first so it doesn't shift on me.

Anyway it was fun to try some new techniques. Now I need to start a folder to hold the masks and stencils as they can be used again. I know I will use the herringbone stencil again with different media.

I encourage you to try new techniques. It can be fun as well as frugal using supplies you might already have on hand.

Thank you for stopping by and do come back again. Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!


  1. Very creative Myoriah, You always think of the neatest techniques to try out. I really like the design using the masking. Thank you for sharing your ideas.

  2. Nice technique....the masking came out realy neat. You inspire me to try diferent things, too.

  3. It's great to try out new things and your masking has worked really well, Myoriah.
    Tine (Addie24)

  4. Your masking did indeed turn out awesome. You always put so much detail into your cards. Well done Beth!


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