Monday, December 17, 2012

Dressing Up Boxes

I don't like to wrap packages. Also for the most part I think it is wasteful. LOL! Most people are not like me who carefully opens packages and then saves the paper to be reused in some way. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying for you to not use wrapping paper this is just my preference. However, I also don't like to hand someone a gift in a plain box. Whether it is a handmade box or a store bought box I like to gussy it up a little bit. It can be a lot of fun to see what I come up with. Besides if the box is gussied up the person receiving it is more apt to use it instead of throwing it away. Here are two boxes I just made for ornaments. The one I stamped all over before putting together was the quickest. It also fits more the personality of the person who I'm giving the ornament to.
The all over stamped box I used my foliage cube stamp and Stazon Cactus ink. Since it holds the tree ornament I thought the stamp was perfect. The second stamp I used a flourish stamp from my stamping gear and just used it on the paddle not with the gear stamping in the corners on the top of the lid. I felt like the box needed something and after playing with several different ideas this is what I came up with. I cut panels from Recollection Christmas card stock to go on the side. The Gingerbread man is a free Studio file or I think he is. He might have been a 12 days of Christmas last year. I just cut out his outline from scrap gray card stock. I used chalk to change his color. He looks more like a Sugar cookie but we won't tell anyone. I added his eyes,mouth,and buttons with gel pens. Glued ribbon for a scarf and he was done.

 I had to cut out an extra one though because one of the four  ran away. Luckily there was just enough room on the scrap card stock to cut an extra out. I'm sure I'll find the missing one and use him on another project. Unless one of my dogs decided he was so yummy looking and ate him.

I encourage you to get out those bits of paper,ribbon,the stamps that are collecting dust and gussy up those plain boxes. Go ahead and use the Christmas paper and card stock you are hoarding. You know you really aren't going to want to use it next year anyway. There will be new Christmas stuff out and you are going to want to use that instead.

Thank you for stopping by and do come back. I'm back to seeing if I can figure out how to design a pop up card for someone special. As well as making more ornaments and boxes for neighbors and local friends.

Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!


  1. So cute, Myoriah. Love that sweet gingerbread man!

  2. Great idea Myoriah. They are so pretty.

  3. Nice stamping job, Myoriah! Cool boxes!


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