Saturday, December 1, 2012

Butterfly Box

I must confess I have a box fetish and I love giving gifts in pretty boxes that people can reuse. Or at least I hope they will reuse them. LOL! Even if it is using them to give a gift to someone else. Anyway here is the box I came up with today.

 I had so much fun decorating this box. Especially since I finally got to use my Stamping Gear. I'm hooked now and will later do a post on it.

For the box I used the 3d snowflake box from the Silhouette store. I just deleted the snowflake which was on the lid. I love the size of this box and can see all kinds of possibility for decorating it. I love when I can use a file in a different way.

I had fun playing on scrap card stock before committing myself to stamping on the lid. I tried out different stamps that came with the stamping gear intro set placing them different directions on the paddle. Also tried out different inks. It is a good thing I did as the red I was going to use smeared something horrible on this card stock. I ended up using my Red Gold. Although you can't really see in the picture it has a bit of shine to it.

The butterfly was a free Studio file. I used a scrap of  plaid scrapbook paper with the butterfly on the diagonal when I cut it out. I then set the cut lines for edge only and cut out the metallic backing. The butterfly I thought was too flimsy with the scrapbook paper alone.I love how it turned out.

There you have it my cute box which although not perfect I hope will be treasured. If you have a cutting machine look at your files and see how you might modify them. Especially if it is something you like. It can be a frugal way to craft.

If you love stamping you might want to check out Inkadinkado Stamping Gear. You can make all kinds of fun designs using it. LOL! Not that I'm trying to enable you to spend money. Of course if you do decide to buy use a coupon or try to get free shipping. I found the intro set for under $14 and paid $7 using a coupon. With all the fun I had today playing it was worth the expenditure.

O.K. I need to finish wrapping some gifts,get tags on gifts,and get things ready to mail Monday or Tuesday. Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again.


  1. Lovely, The print and the Butterfly are a lovely accent to this box.

  2. A stunning beautifully decorated gift. Congrats.

  3. Great box Myoriah. It is soooo.... pretty.


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