Friday, December 14, 2012

3D Tree Ornament

When I saw the free file in the Silhouette store of a 3D tree I knew I wanted to use it for something but wasn't sure what. On the Silhouette Blog they showed the large tree used in a jar as a snow globe. There was also  a mention of layering the circles. So I decided to see if it would work as an ornament. For some reason when I tried to cut out the pieces Cameron my Cameo cut wacky. I think he didn't like the way the circles were placed. I've noticed he can be very particular and will not cut where he is suppose to if an image is overlapping another even if it is just empty space and not where he needs to cut.
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I ungrouped the shapes and left only the three smallest circles and the plain circle on the mat. I was able to get all four shapes on a letter size piece of heavy white card stock. I made accordion folds on all the pieces with perforated lines. It is easier to fold them back into shape after the paint has dried than to paint a shape with perforated lines and then try to fold. I learned that on another project with perforated lines. Especially since the paint hides the perforated lines. 

I first painted with Folk Art Peridot Extreme Glitter paint the perforated pieces. Then while the paint was still wet sprinkled some Martha Stewart coarse crystal glitter in places. After the paint was dried I refolded so that I had crisp folds. The paint has a tendency to flatten the pieces out a little bit. I took wire cording and formed a loop then pushed it through the perforated pieces. There is a small hole in the center of the circles. After all three pieces were strung on the cording I tied a knot on the under side so that the cord could not be easily pulled out. The plain circle I poked a hole in the center. Then I brushed Elmer's glue on it and sprinkled with the Martha Stewart glitter. In some places I then squirted a little more glue so that it would look like snow drifts. I then poked the cording through the circle and glued the ends of the cording on the bottom of the circle. I had bought some gem stars at a dollar store and decided to glue one on each side of the loop.

I will be giving this tomorrow to a woman whose Mother was just diagnosed with Alzheimer. I hope it will bring her joy when she looks at it. If her Mother is up to it I'll also take the Mother out for an hour or two. This way the woman will get a short break. Alas being the sole caregiver for my late husband with Alzheimer I know how important getting a break can be. So I'm going to try to give her some time to herself off and on.

If for some reason you did not get the 3D tree the file is still available through the Silhouette store. Right now it is $.75. So it is a little bit of a saving. Also don't forget that Silhouette is having their 12 days of Christmas. Every day there is a free shape just for that day.

Thank you for stopping by and do come back. I'm off to making more ornaments for gifts. Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again.

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