Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Some Things Never Go Out Of Style

Some things  never go out of style. Brocade and Damask are two fabrics that are timeless. They are elegant and although formal they aren't stuffy.

I have always loved both Brocade and Damask so when I saw that Moxie Fab World has until the 4th of June a challenge using Brocade and Damask I knew I had to enter it. Of course first order of the day was finding my Sizzix embossing folder which has been gathering dust. Second thing was to open Studio and choose and cut the images I wanted.Of course once I got working on it I ended up making changes. For the better I think.

Here is the card I made:

The flower in the middle is a cutting file by Paola.  It is very delicate and although I had re-sized it I ended up making it and therefore the panel it is glued to bigger after having difficulties with it wanting to tear while being cut. Because it is so delicate I had to carefully take it off of my sticky mat. I did spray it with a faux glimmer mist to tone down the white. I wanted it to have a more aged look. Because wet or damp paper tears easily I was trying to be really gentle with it. Luckily I didn't tear it at any time during the process but I'm not so sure I'll use this file again as much as I love it.

The panel it is glued to is a free cutting file in Studio. Have you noticed I use the free files a lot. I inked my Sizzix Damask embossing folder and embossed it. LOL! I wasn't sure whether I was going to use the embossed or de-embossed side so inked both sides of the folder with two different blues. The more vibrant blue embossed side won out. I then sprayed my pink faux glimmer mist over the panel. I stuck it to dry on my sticky mat and it didn't curl. Now that I know that after embossing I can spray color on my embossed pieces I'll do it again. I love how it turned out.

I felt like something more was needed. I played around with different things but didn't like anything. When that happens it is time to lay aside the project.

I was looking for digital papers for another project when I found a damask seamless tile I also downloaded from Paola's website. I noticed that it had a touch of blue and pink in it.  I decided to mount the decorative panel on a rounded rectangle filled with that paper. As luck would have it I also had pre-scored cards in the color family of the fill paper.  I decided to paint a thin gold line at the top and bottom of the card base to add a touch of elegance to it.

This is not a color combination I would normally use. It seems lately I'm finding myself using different combinations which is fun.

You can find the challenge information as well as see the entries here:

Thank you for stopping by and let me know what you think. Right now I'm working on a Sun Bonnet Sue card and it will be different from anything I've done.  Hopefully I can get it finished and posted before the weekend.

Happy Frugal crafting till we meet again!


  1. very pretty!!

  2. Your beautiful card was all worth the work and experimenting you put into it.It turned out beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Good luck with the Moxi Fab challenge. Your card fits right in with the gingham challenge, and is so very adorable. Taking a quilt pattern is very unique and creative. You go girl!


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