Monday, July 6, 2015

Lady In Blue Mixed Media Card Challenge

Hi everyone here it is July and that means a new mixed media card challenge over at This month the theme is blue with the use of a vase optional. I opted out of using a vase as it just would not go with what I wanted to do. I have a lot of different images with blue in them but I keep going back to a Dover image that I love of a lady in blue. My cards lately have had at least one stamp used on them but when I found the hi bubble in my Studio library I decided to go with that instead of stamping hi in a speech bubble. Drum roll please!

This is a tall and skinny card since I had originally cut out the card base to use for a tall and skinny challenge but changed my mind.  Since this will fit in a standard business envelope there is no extra postage required. :-)

The background is from a piece of scrap. I think it is the paper I have for painting acrylic paint on. I was experimenting and sprinkled turquoise Brusho on the paper and then brushed with a foam brush acrylic wax over. It left a colored background with speckles in it. Then noticing the pattern in the outfit I decided to roll metallic blue paint over the background. I didn't get crisp lines in some places but I think I like the shabby, messy look. Although my perfectionist side is fighting with me and saying turn the paper over and use the other side. So do you think I made the right decision letting my messy side out or should I have listened to the perfectionist?

Next we have a tag which was airbrushed with a left over liquid I have no idea what it was. ( I really need to label my leftover mediums in bottles.)I think it was tube water color paint which I thinned with water when playing with the Siphon adapter. Anyway it looked blue in the container but ended up being turquoise when sprayed. I went ahead and sprayed my sewing pattern piece also and discovered when I dried it with my embossing gun that it developed a nice crinkly texture.  In person the tag is more turquoise than it shows in the picture.

I took my lady and in Studio changed the cutting lines to black as well as changed the thickness. Then made sure I had checked to print cut lines in the software. I went ahead and also did an offset of the lady and did the same thing with the cutting lines. My machine cut off part of the line on the right of the offset but I like the shadow effect that ended up.  I think that by having the cutting lines print that it helped the image to pop more.  And it is definitely a lot more neater than if I had tried to outline by hand.The lady's foot is glued down and the rest of her is pop dotted with foam adhesive squares.

For the speech bubble I filled in the background with blue. Changed the color of cut lines and thickened the cut line a little bit and made sure the word Hi was set to not cut out. Originally I was going to foil the word hi but I decided to leave it white with the black border.

To finish off the card since it is suppose to be mixed media I added a piece of rick rack once again bought at a thrift store for a dime. I really need to go back to that thrift store and see what other sewing notions they might have which I can use for paper crafting. I like the bit of texture and interest that things like rick rack gives and in this case it echos the pattern in her outfit.

I don't really have a lot of blue things in my stash. I never on purpose buy blue card stock and the only reason I have blue paint is it either came in a set or like my Sapphire metallic paint I bought it at a thrift store. For some reason when I'm looking at bottles of paint in a store I don't think to buy blue unless it is teal or turquoise. Of course while working on this card I realized I'm going to have to buy blue Brusho Crystals. ;-) Do you have a lot of blue things in your stash?

Today is Monday and so that means a new Mojo Monday sketch. I've already looked at it and am excited to use it in a card so I'm off to create and to think about what I'm going to do after going through the scrap bin.

Stay cool if you are where it is hot and wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!


  1. Love your blue lady.I probably would turn it over but it looks great the way it is. Nope, don't have blue things in my stash. I'm at work with the heat on and a cardigan. It's down to about 59. Yesterday was 90 degrees

  2. How cool is this card?! There's so much texture going on here and it's fabulous. Isn't it amazing what the dollar store can supply for cardmaking? Thanks for joining in at the Mixed Media Card Challenge!

  3. Gorgeous card and such a great take on our 'Blue' challenge. Love it - she looks so good!
    Thanks for playing with us at MMCC. Hoping to see you with us again in August! ♥


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