Friday, April 25, 2014

Popup Floral Card

Hi everyone! can you believe this is the last weekend of the month. I will be busy helping a friend finishing moving. But before I need to get to work I wanted to share this card that it took me a full week to make. A lot of the time spent was in tweaking to get elements the correct size. This card was inspired by a card that was posted on the Finding Time To Create  blog found here .

I really wish the pictures  were better because it really is beautiful inside and out.  Like usual I did some experimenting to fix a couple of mistakes.
 Originally the scallop panel was cut out of yellow cardstock. Which you will see when you look at the open card. Opps! I stamped with my music stamp upside down on one side and not a clear image on the other. Instead of discarding the card base I brushed gesso over it and laid scrunched up plastic wrap and placed a book on top. After the gesso was dry I painted with ivory acrylic paint and sponged on a purple color.The picture doesn't really show the resulting texture.

The flower wreath was a free file during the week before Easter. I remembered why I quit using this particular cardstock to cut out delicate shapes It tore in one place when I was carefully taking it off the mat. Heat embossing powder to the rescue. I heat embossed where it was torn and  before the melted powder was cool held the pieces together with the end of a paint brush. Then covered the whole shape with embossing powder. The shape really sparkles as I used a glitter embossing powder. The butterfly is the outline of one of the original files which came with my Cameo. I painted it with metallic watercolors and then used a black marker for the body part and scrap floss for the antennae.

I was playing with ribbon and decided to go with my grosgrain ribbon. However, it looked too blah. I stamped on a small piece with the music stamp but didn't like it. I ended up using an Inkadinkado background stamp. The small pattern was perfect. I found that Stazon ink worked better than Ranger Archival.

I decided instead of circles to use flowers for the inside of my card. I did go with half circles. The flower petals are painted with two different acrylic paints and then because I didn't glue the flowers exactly when I glued them together edged with Extreme glitter paint.  Since I had used gray cardstock I used gesso on the half circles while I had the gesso out. Then I used bubble wrap coated with acrylic paint and stamped over them. When that was dry I stamped with the same color of Stazon ink I had used for the ribbon. The stamps are part of a Fancy Pants large stamp set that because it is so large is not stored with the rest of my stamps and I forget about it. :-( 

 With the believe sentiment being so fancy I decided to not add another stamp on the half circle.

On the scallop I had gotten some gesso when I did the front. I edged the scallop using a broad marker and then used the same glitter paint that I used on the flowers. Down under the flower there is space to write a personal message to the person who will be receiving this card. I hope it will bring them delight and that they will know that someone is thinking of them.

Do you throw something out you messed up or do you try to come up with a creative way to fix it?

Lol! ignore the stains on my table. This table has seen a lot of use and even for awhile was used in a shop as a work bench. I don't think anything could ruin it now. ;-)

I have lots to do so that is all for now. Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!


  1. Lovely card, Myoriah.
    Tine (Addie24)

  2. Wow, this turned out stunning. No wonder it took so long to make. A lot of love went into this one.


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