Monday, April 7, 2014

Egg Card

Yesterday was a beautiful day. After finishing this card I went for a long walk with my dogs.  Spring is here and before I know it Easter will be here. A friend sent me a image that I used as an inspiration for this card.

I downloaded Version 3 of Studio and it did not want to play nice. I was going to cut the flower flourish in the middle of an oval shape but it didn't cut where it was suppose to. Not being one to waste I decided to go ahead and use the flower flourish. Since it was cut out of gray cardstock I went and colored it with Inka Gold.

I had previously cut out the Kraft card base and after figuring out how to cut a card base like this out of white using version 3 I decided to go with the Kraft. It just looked better to me. The embossing folder I used is a Sizzix retired folder. I now wish I would have used a little narrower ribbon I have in this same color at the top where there is a line or even tied twine there.

The oval shapes are cut out of scrap card stock. I love how the tulip in the pattern cardstock ended up on the oval. If you look at the pattern oval you will see a little bit of yellow which is why when I saw the scrap of yellow on my desk I thought it would be perfect.

I have an Easter card I want to make if I can get a file to cut right. There are some things I like about Version 3 of the Studio software but if you have not installed it I would wait until some of the bugs are ironed out. Right now if I cut perforated lines I then have to go back and click on a function like draw and then click on the selection icon so I can change to the cut lines.For some reason the program freezes so I can't just select the lines I want to cut. I do not like that perforated and cut lines can't be cut out in one pass. Or that every time I do one thing I have to click on an unrelated icon before I can do what I want. It will be nice once the bugs are out and things work the way they are suppose to work.

Not tank top weather yet but warmer so I can have doors and windows open to air out the place. Over the weekend a friend brought back my carpet cleaner so I will be busy cleaning the carpets this week. Of course the boys and I will also take advantage of this warm weather to do more exploring. How is the weather in your neck of the woods?

Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!


  1. I love what you did with the image. I think the flowers are nicer than the negative part of the oval. I will use the flowers for accents and ditch the egg part. LOL

  2. That Myrna beats me every time--LOL. Love the embossing on the Kraft paper. And who would have guessed you used grey paper. Oh, you must be near the end of it. You mentioned wishing you used a thinner ribbon. I like how it looks, and of course it's in my favourite colour. Glad you're getting outside with the dogs. It's sunny and nice for a walk today but I'm staying in my pj's all day working on TJ assignments. Will get dressed tomorrow and go out for a walk; it's supposed to be actually sunny and above freezing.


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