Monday, June 10, 2013

Faux Silk Designer Paper Card

O.K I must confess. I was getting crabby with all of the sorting and packing of things for my move come the weekend. I have to have my crafting fix that is all there is to it. But what is a girl to do when the majority of her crafting supplies are packed? Improvise of course. So although the technique of the week was using designer paper    I decided to use a piece of wrapping paper from a roll I was going to toss. Although the technique uses tissue paper I ended up using a single ply piece of facial tissue.
 I sprayed my faux silk with my homemade glimmer mist. Oops! I forgot the bottle has a bad sprayer and got dark splotches instead of what I was after. Since I was playing I went ahead and sprayed clear water which caused the splotches to run and created some interesting vertical lines. Then since my Perfect Pearls are packed but I had some gold powder used with polymer clay not packed yet I sprinkled some of that on the wet paper and sprayed with clear water once again and then carefully blotted with a paper towel. I love the result and by blotting the design of the wrapping paper shows through as the paper towel picked up excess color from the mist as well as the gold. Unfortunately the pictures doesn't do the card justice as the gold really sparkles on the card.

The butterfly and flourish were on my cutting table which I was clearing in order to pack things today. I edged the butterfly with a copper paint pen and painted the flourish. I was going to toss the card stock left over from playing with stamping using two different images on my cube stamp but decided instead to cut out one of the squares which I really liked how it turned out. I also edged that with the copper paint pen.

There you have it my frugal card using what I had on hand. There are lots of interesting wrapping papers around even at places like the dollar stores. Also if you have some designer paper that perhaps you have fallen out of love with this would be a good way to use it.

Thank you for looking and leaving comments. Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again.


  1. That is very pretty and clever of you. Kate

  2. Girl, did you ever get creative with this technique. How cool to even think of using wrapping paper. How frugal and original! Love how you edged your butterfly with a gold pen. I must get myself one.

  3. Myoriah
    You definately are a dedicated crafter !!
    In all the hustle and bustle of moving and packing and sorting you find time to do such a lovely piece of work. Well done !!


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