Saturday, March 10, 2012

Blending Chalk Tutorial And A St. Patrick Card

I am going to be using my blending chalks today. You can use pastel chalks by chalking a strip and using what you want to use to transfer the chalk. I prefer to use cotton balls or Qtips as they are inexpensive.  The blending chalks will come with a couple of applicators but they didn't seem to last long.  Eye shadow applicators can be used  or you can buy replacement applicators.

Using either the pastel chalks or the blending chalks you don't need to use a fixative. The chalk won't rub off of your project. However, if you want to use a fixative cheap hairspray will work.

First I made a stencil from card stock to use for this particular project. I filled my corner rectangle full of shamrocks. I made the stems too narrow so they won't chalk right. However, instead of redoing my stencil I'm just going to draw the stems on with a Qtip The stems don't all need to be uniform.

Remember you can use the stencil at a later date on a project. We are talking frugal here after all. You can either turn it over or use the side that will have chalk on it like I will be doing. Oh and all the little shamrocks well they will be misted with my glimmer spray. My plan is to use some of them on  one of the cards I'm going to be making.

Usually I use painter's tape to tape down my stencil on my project. However this time because my stencil and panel are the same size I used re-positional spray.

Using a Q-tip or a stencil dauber coat it with chalk
If you want you can rub the squares over a piece of paper and make your own custom color by mixing them.

Then fill in your stencil going whatever direction you wish. I used both green chalks for my shamrocks. Going over my shamrock with the different colors until I got what I was after.

 I wasn't thinking of my drawn in stems smearing when I lightly brushed. Normally I lightly brush over before removing the stencil. It is going to soften your images and the chalk won't smear. I learned today if I am going to draw in something  with a Q-tip to use a Q-tip to remove the excess chalk. 

With a cotton ball that I have rubbed over a chalk square I am rubbing in a circular motion. I always start at an edge as the color will be darker. Keep adding chalk to the cotton ball as needed. Don't worry if your color is not uniform. You don't need to limit yourself to one color either. I went ahead and also used the green chalks.

Here is the stencil and my panel after I rubbed chalk over them with a cotton ball.  On the panel I did not stencil in the shamrocks in the center for a reason. The card stock or paper you use under your project while you are rubbing your chalk can also be used in a project.

Here is my finished card using the stencil. The tag is a print and cut using a tag from Delicious Scrap's Lucky Me.  I added the sentiment and love how it turned out with the yellow outlining the letters. I folded up the ribbon part of the tag to give it a little more dimension. I'm always amazed at how pliable card stock can be. Now that the card is done I'm thinking I should ink the three edges with a dark yellow or gold ink pad.

Thank you for stopping by and do come back. I will be posting the other card when I get it made. First I need to weave a mat and use Ultra Thick embossing powder on it. Also I haven't misted the shamrocks yet. Nor am I totally sure exactly how I want the card. Sometimes my cards will evolve while I am working on them.

Wishing you happy crafting times!

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  1. Very attractive! I am going to have to try your technique. You are so good at exploring and trying new things.


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