Friday, May 8, 2015

Mixed Media Card Challenge #11

Hi everyone I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Sunny and warm where I live so great weather to go out hiking and picnicking but first I would like to share a mixed media card I made for the mixed media card challenge. This month the theme is wings and foil is an option.

If you have been reading my posts lately you will know I've been playing with Deco Foil.. Also from making my last card I had left over dryer sheet. Those butterflies didn't take that much space. This time I used a stencil for my butterfly but more about that later. Also as you may know I like to experiment so this time I experimented with applying Deco Foil to an embossed border.

After eBrushing my card stock I used Anna Griffin Brocade border embossing folder. Then applied adhesive. The foiling didn't turn out too bad but alas for my lime green I thought I had let the adhesive dry long enough and hadn't so the foil got messed up a little bit on the bottom leaf. The directions say to let it dry for something like thirty minutes and after an hour it was still too wet even though the adhesive looked clear to me. The adhesive pulled up with the foil. After putting more adhesive down I let it dry for close to three hours. Since I knew I wanted to use multiple colors of foil I placed adhesive just on the area I wanted to use one color of foil on. After that area was foiled I then applied adhesive in another area. Because of the time it took for the adhesive to dry it was a long process. For this foiled border I used Deco Foil in green, lime green, red gold and gold. To see all the colors available please click on the therm o web image on the left.

The butterfly was so much fun to make. First I took my scrap of dryer sheet and my stencil. I used my eBrush to air brush my butterfly. Then took my black marker to do the body and head. After taking the stencil off I connected the lines with the marker. Then I turned my butterfly over and eBrushed on the back side. I took green jute and saturated it with glue and then wrapped it around a pencil to get the curl. The butterfly is pop dotted on the card.

The background is a gelli print scrap. I was experimenting with rice paper and metallic acrylic paints on my gelli plate.  Everything came together like a dream. including finding the perfect scrap piece of tissue wrapping paper to stamp my sentiment on. You know me I like to use every little piece of scrap if I can. I love how the tissue paper allows some of the background to show through. I did mask a butterfly on the stamp since I wanted to use my dryer sheet  butterfly. Also there wasn't room on the scrap for all of the butterfly.

Drum roll please as here is what the completed card looks like.

I really wish you could see this card in person. It is full of texture. I wasn't sure about the border as I had airbrushed it blue before the rest of the colors came together while going through my stash. But I think it works because of the green ink I used for the sentiment and the gold foils I used.

If you like making mixed media cards like I do I encourage you to join in the fun at There is a little over two weeks to get your creation made and linked up. Also there is a Design Team call. Fingers and toes crossed that I get picked.

I just realized it is not so warm although it is sunny since a cold wind has started blowing. Since I can enter more than one card I'm off to make card number two. I saw a stamp to use after starting on this card. Oh the shame I've had the stamp for over a year and never used it so don't you think it is about time. ;-)

Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!


  1. Well you certainly outdid yourself on this one. It is gorgeous.

  2. Wow, you've really been pushing the envelope on your cards. This is a terrific card. Love your butterfly and guilding/foiling.


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