Thursday, March 12, 2015

Spring Twinchie

How lucky can you be. Two posts in one day. Over on the facebook eBrush forum there is a challenge for creating twinchies using a eBrush. For those who don't know what an eBrush is it is an air brush which you can use all kinds of markers in. Soon those of us who are the proud owners will be able to use other things like paint, food coloring for decorating baked goods and even makeup. I'm not being paid or compensated in any way but even if I was if I thought it was a dud I would tell you.. This is the one tool you don't want to be without. Not only is it fun but other then buying markers it has saved me money. O. K. onto my Spring Joy Twinchie.
Technically a twinchie is a two by two inch creation. My base is two by two but I extended it a little bit by having butterflies on a chenille stem. I started by adhering gStudio Washi tape onto my base. Then I took the negative left over from cutting out a butterfly from confetti card which explains the dots. I eBrushed it with two different turquoise Sprectrum Noir markers. Alas I could not capture the shimmer in my photo but then I applied Liquidtex Iridescent Medium. The medium did not change the colors in anyway. It only added a nice sheen which is nice to know for future projects. After I glued the negative to my base I took a gel pen and printed Spring Joy. My letters got away from me and decided to dance which explains the i and the n.

I love how the butterflies here look. When I made the paper I didn't know what I was going to use it for. They are stamped and cut out of wax paper which had white school glue painted on it. Then the glue was eBrushed. The specks are pieces of glitter as I sprinkled glitter on the glue before adhering torn pieces of  facial tissure.. I don't know who makes the butterfly stamp or even if it is still available. I stamped with Ranger black archival ink  on the tissue paper side and then cut my  butterflies out. I also stamped some on the wax paper side. Either way will work depending on the look you are after. On the wax paper side the glitter really shows through. I took a chenille stem and bent it and glued my butterflies to it. I played with wire first but  decided I liked the chenille stems better. I thought of eBrushing the chenille stems but decided to leave them white since the washi tape has white in it..

The twinchie challenge ends Sunday and I don't know if I'll enter a couple others or not. I have some ideas. I have to admit that it would be more fun than clearing out my file cabinet so it can be moved to another room. ;-)

Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!


  1. Love the gnome!!!! You are certainly having a ball with all your crafting and it shows in your work.

  2. Your butterflies are beautiful. Wow, wax paper. Would have never guessed. Your e-brush does a great job.


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