Thursday, December 4, 2014

Standup Snowflake Card

Hi everyone it has been lightly snowing all day. I don't know if my making a cutting file and this card had anything to do with it. Lol! I don't do a lot of designing in Studio creating cutting files. Especially if they are something a little complicated. However, I saw place cards with shapes up on top and decided to see what I could do. The person put the open panel in back but I decided to use it as the front. You know me I have to be different as well as try new things. Once again this was a learning experience and I'll do a few things differently the next card I make with this cutting file.

You can't really tell in this photo but the snowflake is really pretty on top.  I wanted to show you that snowflake does indeed standup on top of the card. After cutting out my cardbase I used my eBrush and a silver metallic Sharpie to turn the snowflake silver. Then I used a glue  pad to get the snowflake sticky and used ultrafine crystal glitter. In my playing with the glue pad I've  discovered that fine and ultrafine glitter works the best.
I also used the eBrush and a gold Sharpie to do my frame. I am loving my eBrush.

LOL! While posting this I remembered that I bought recently at a thrift store a Crayola light box for a couple of dollars. Wow! It really made a difference laying the card down on it and taking a picture.
Yes, Virginia that is a paper towel. Opps! I forgot about the stamping showing through on the other side. Next time instead of a sentiment I'll just do snowflakes. Also I won't separate the paper towel. The pale blue background which I eBrushed the paper towel with doesn't really show up. However the stencil came out great using a darker marker. Originally I wanted to stamp with silver or gold ink but alas it did not show up so I ended up stamping with Tuxedo Black Memento ink. 

That is my experimenting for now. I hope over the weekend to get some outdoor decorations made. I have some ideas. First though I wanted to get this card done as I'm going to give it to the Postal Clerk who has been so helpful to me during the year. I have the rest of my cards ready to get in the mail and hopefully people will shovel the sidewalks so I can safely walk to the store to mail them.

Are you ready for the holidays? If you mail cards are they mailed or ready to be mailed?

Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!


  1. So glad you posted your pretty card !! Thank you so much for the file.

  2. How intriguing. I like the snowflake at the top. How nice for you to give it to your postal lady. I'm giving out a lot of cards this year too and will include my pharmacy in the bunch as they are always so good to me and know me by name. Having our Christmas party tonight. No snow to make it feel like Christmas though. Enjoy your snow--LOL.


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