Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Love Came Down At Christmas Card

I finished this card this morning but decided to take advantage of the sunny weather and went exploring. My two four legged boys were getting antsy as it has been awhile since they have been in new territory with different smells. Of course I could not find  where the easy trail  with picnic area was only  further down the road a picnic area with a trail that I swear goes straight up to the sky.

The background is embossed plastic. The folder is called "Little Stars" but I'm not sure of the manufacture other than it is  not Sizzix or Cuddlebug. After the plastic was embossed I painted DecoArt blue metallic paint on the embossed side. Then used a dry bristle brush to remove some of the paint. By hand  using scissors I rounded a couple of the corners.

The large star was created in Kaleidoscope Kreator and then converted to a cutting file in Studio. After it was printed and cut I edged it with blue ink. Then wrapped crotchet thread and gold metallic thread around it. I don't think I've ever wrapped a shape with thread or yarn before. But I like the texture that it adds.

I've always loved the poem that is printed on the smaller star. I used the inner star from a star frame which at one time was a freebie.  I filled the star with color. After the sentiment was printed I edged the star with a dark blue Glaze pen. The whole edge is dark. I guess it was reflection from the overhead light that washed a section out in the photo.

I didn't realize that I had a little bit of moisture on a finger when I went to move the star out of  my way and the water bleached the ink. I decided to get the finger wet again and randomly touched the star. I was too lazy to print and cut another star and edge with a Glaze pen again. I used foam squares to pop it up on the card.

I bought a pack of star gems years ago at a dollar store never knowing what I was going to do with them. Slowly I've been using them up. Hopefully I'll be lucky and soon find more. ;-) Otherwise I may have to cut stars out of  silver card stock and then use transparent embossing powder to make my own.

September is halfway over and dare I mention that the holidays will soon be upon us. Have you started making holiday cards if you give them out?

Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!


  1. Love the layering you have going on. Like you, I love to use the dollar store and just bought some tie dye embroidery thread. Thought I'd try to experiment with it on one of my cards.

  2. Well, another great card. Love the experimenting you do. The fingerprints just add something special to the star.


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