Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Altered Playing Cards Week 2

For those who have been reading this blog you probably know that I have joined the Altered Playing Card challenge. Click on the icon on the right for details. You still have time to join us and have fun.

Last week the assignment was to prep the cards either by sanding or using gesso. Shh! Don't tell anyone but I'm not done yet. I decided to experiment with stencils and gesso as well as other things like bubble wrap, scrunched up plastic bags, etc. You know me I like to experiment.

Yesterday I did two cards. The assignment is to put together two cards a week until the entire deck has been altered.
My friend Myrna will recognize the image here as sent me both images to turn into one for her. The primrose fairy is from The Graphic Fairy. I don't know where she got the other image from. After putting the two images together I turned it into a cutting file. She is pop dotted to the card to give her dimension.

The words were done in Studio. I love how easy it is to do text as print and cut.

For the background I used a stencil from Plaid and gesso. I first coated gesso on the card and then my stencil and then more gesso.  I love the way the gesso streaked when I removed the stencil. When dry I mixed Apple Barrel Blue Sky and Extreme Glitter Aqua together. I applied with a damp foam stamp. Then when the paint was dried I randomly painted more of the Extreme Glitter

I did not like the way this background turned out with the stencil so decided to experiment. I thought if I don't like it I can always gesso over..  I rubbed Stazon Teal Blue over the card. Then brushed on with a bristle brush to get the strokes Glazon. When the Glazon was dry I rubbed on Stazon Royal Purple and then brushed on another coat of Glazon. I used Original Glazon which is glossy.

The sentiment had a doodle around it and was a file I put together three years ago. I was organizing files and saw it and thought it would be perfect. Alas the doodle printed really light even though I had changed the line color to a dark blue. I took my Glaze pen to doodle over it but got blobs so just drew circles with the pen all around making a border.

The butterfly is a freebie from the library or at least at one time it was. I painted the solid with metallic paint. The cut out with Antique Gold paint. I used Creative Shimmer to glue the two together. Then added a black Glaze pen for the body and antennae. Folded the butterfly and attached with a foam square.

The scallop border was at one time a freebie at Silhouette.  I painted it with the purple metallic paint but didn't like it so painted over with turquoise and aqua Extreme Glitter.

That is it for today! I'm off to see what I can do with gesso on the rest of the cards. Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again.


  1. Wow, your experimenting turned out. I need to buy some gesso. I like the turquoise. Yes, you are the queen of glitter.

  2. Hey great card. All that experimenting turned out a really neat card.
    Love what you did with the fairy and flowers. Mine is still just a paper on the desk. LOL


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