Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Vintage Handbag

Roni at Ink Stains posted a cute vintage handbag along with a template and I decided that I wanted to make one. Here is the link if you wish to download the template:

Although the template was easy to trace in Silhouette Studio Version 3 it was not that easy to cut. For some reason after I had cut it out with heavy grey cardstock to make sure it would cut out correctly and went to cut it out of fancy cardstock the program decided to cut the fold line instead of perforating it even though I didn't even have the color of the fold line checked for cutting since I was going to score it manually. I will be happy when Silhouette fixes the bugs in this version and I know they are working overtime on that. For that reason I ended up using copy paper as I didn't want to waste all my pretty cardstock. I'll be able to salvage most of the piece of the cardstock but it still did not make me too happy.

I decided to cut the clasp off of the copy paper as well as off of my wood trim pieces. With the knife tool it was easy to cut the clasp off. As well as to make my wood trim. I drew an oval and used the  subtract option in the modify menu for my wood piece to modify it so that it wasn't a straight line across.

The clasp was colored with gold Inka Gold on both the front and back. I went ahead and clip a small section on each side and slipped the clasp in to close.  For durability sake I think it would be better to just tuck one ball behind the other.
I embossed my blue copy paper handbag using a Teresa Collin's embossing folder. I don't know the name of  the folder. I then glued the copy paper down on the gray cardstock. The inside of the purse is gray color. 

Using this stripe paper I found at a thrift store and a wood-grain embossing folder it really looks like wood. As you can tell from the photo a little bit of the white of the paper shows through but I think it gives the trim more of a vintage look. The trim is on both the front and the back. 

I didn't have eyelets nor did I have chain for the handle. I would have loved to have used them on this project. I guess those are two products I need to put on my list of things to buy. You would think with all of my crafting supplies I would have such things. I did however have this ribbon which is the perfect color. :-)

This was a fun project and I plan to add a sentiment on the inside. I may even add a gift card for my granddaughter to buy a book at a bookstore. 

Looking at the template I don't think it would be too difficult to turn this into a cute bag to fill with some goodies. It definitely would make a cute Mother's Day card which would be quick and easy if someone needed to make one.
Where has time gone? I can't believe that Sunday will be Easter and that April is already halfway over. Wishing you a Happy Easter if you celebrate Easter and Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!


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