Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sizzix Card

This week the focus is on Sizzix dies for the My Creative Life classroom. To be honest I don't really have that many. In fact I only have one which I won. I have more Sizzix embossing folders the majority retired holiday ones. Anyway I decided to see what I could do different with the Layer #9 floral die I have. I also wanted to experimented with rolling ink on photo paper or glossy card stock. As well as see if I could tame a Sizzix embossing folder. Here is the card I came up with.
I started out with spritzing a piece of heavy card stock with my homemade glitter spray. It really looked splotchy and I was not sure how it was going to turn out once I embossed. While the card stock was wet I went ahead and embossed. The pressure used embossing smoothed out the color and the one section where I have problems with tearing did not tear. :-) I don't remember the name of the folder but it is a retired one and it came with a Christmas folder in a set.

For the pink panel I tried using a brayer  and Stazon Cherry PInk ink to make a background on a scrap of photo paper. I ended up with a sticky mess. I think the solvent in the ink dissolves the coating. Being frugal and an experimenter I turned the photo paper over to the semi-glossy side. After the pink was dried I inked up Stampendous Garden background stamp with Stazon  Purple. It was the first time using the stamp and I didn't get even coverage but I  actually think I like it better than if I had gotten even coverage.

I saw on a blog painted burlap shapes but they were flat. I really wanted something with more dimension. Most of the ideas I've seen using the layer #9 die has been flat flowers. I painted the burlap with purple acrylic paint that I mixed white in and ended up with a bluish-purple color. After painting both sides of the medium petal and while it was still wet I shaped it with my fingers. I then took a small petal and did the same thing. With the second small petal after painting I shaped it around the end of my paint brush. I glued with paint all the petals and let it dry. I covered the edges with Extreme glitter but for some reason it didn't really show. I'm thinking if you wanted to keep the burlap natural color that thinned white glue would work. I didn't like the flower last night but it must have been whispering in my ear while I slept because I woke up this morning and loved it. Lol!

I don't know if I like this card but it was fun trying different things. Of course a lot of times when I don't like a card the person I give it to loves it. Either that or they are being polite. Lol!

For those who may be concerned that Cameron is being neglected and planning to turn me in for neglect I just want to let you to know that he got a workout cutting pieces for a project over the weekend. Unfortunately my granddaughters came down sick Saturday evening so the project had to be put on hold.

Off to put Cameron to work cutting things for the inside for some cards. Thank you for stopping by and do come back. Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!


  1. More lovely work. I really love the purple blue painted burlap flower. I haven't tried painting with burlap yet. Hope you're staying warm.

  2. Well how on earth did I miss this one?
    Your experiment really turned out great. The burlap flower is cool.


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