Friday, January 17, 2014

Nursing Student Birthday Card

Can you believe that January is flying by so fast. I have a birthday next week that I needed to make a card for. I did some experimenting for this card but my experimenting failed. :-( In spite of my failure I was finally able to finish a card today. I am pleased the way it turned out even though I had to change a few ideas.

I am trying to use up some blank cards I bought several years.  Some of them are colors like this that I normally would not use. However, I noticed that it matched the nurse's hair. I also liked the idea that it is textured. I like to have some texture as I think it makes cards more interesting and not so much like store bought cards.

For the sentiment I wanted something special for a nursing student. After looking through quotes and cards for nurses and nursing students the only thing I could find was "On the eighth day God created nursing students to prove he had a sense of humor."  I added the birthday part since I was making a birthday card. I love how I can do text in the software for my Cameo and make it print and cut. I took a speech bubble added my text and then played with filling in the text and line colors. While at it you can even play around with line thickness. Just make sure that you have the text set for no cut. I printed this on photo paper and was impressed with how much nicer it printed than the trial one I did on copy paper.

I put in a search for free clip art of a nurse and came up with this cute one. I thought at first I could do a trace but I ended up having to do some editing to get it to trace easily.After she was traced I did an offset which the blue is. I tried to put micro-beads on the offset with floor wax but it ended up being a disaster. The only good thing was that the combination of micro-beads and floor wax colored my card stock giving me this most interesting blue piece.

After I printed and cut out the nurse. I made a tissue rose and added ribbon leaves to cover the flower that was on the image. I actually found it easier to make a flower from wrapping tissue paper than ribbon. I like the dimension that adding the flower gives this card. For the glasses and thermometer I used "Dimensional Magic" to give the impression that they were really glass.

I hope the person I give this card to likes it. It was fun even though my micro-bead experiment didn't work out. It was fun to see if I could make a rose out of wrapping tissue paper as well as to use my Dimensional Magic again to give more interest.

Now I need to start thinking about making some Valentine's cards. I would even like to make some to donate to a thrift store but don't know if I'll have the time. Especially since I've been busy deep cleaning and organizing my apartment.

Thank you for stopping by. Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!


  1. Absolutely perfect. Love the glasses and thermometer. You really did a great job.
    The wee rose is so cute.
    No store bought card could ever compare with this.

  2. What an adorable card. I like how you have the sentiment in the bubble. What really jumps out at me is the awesome blue bg surrounding the nurse. Love the way it has different shades of blue.Very interesting how you made your glasses so real. And oh my, do you ever have patience to make that adorable flower.

  3. cute card, like all those little details you have included to make it special


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