Thursday, November 14, 2013

Silhouette Three Kings Card

In the book Handmade Greeting Cards there was a card with a star cutout and then gold paint added to the card. The woman called it the stardust technique where you put gold paint on one sponge and then kiss it on another sponge and use that sponge on your card. Well my gold paint and stars didn't end up being as soft as her's. Maybe I was using a different kind of sponge.

 I decided to go ahead and stamp a sentiment and to add a silhouette. I know it is probably just me but the card just looked too plain to me.  All in all I'm pleased the way this card turned out.
This was a quick and easy card to do. There are times I like to do quick and easy.

The card in the book was done with dark blue cardstock and white lining the card. I don't have any dark blue and I figured since purple is the color of royalty as well as Advent to go ahead and use that. Also I have more of  vanilla color cardstock than white so went with that.

First in Studio I made my cardbase. I decided to go with rounded corners for a change. Of course if you don't have a die cutting machine but have a punch you could punch your star in your card base. Then I took gold paint and did my stardust technique.

The stamp is from Inkadinkado Warm Holiday Wishes clear stamp set.   I inked the stamp first in gold and then in black. So there is a hint of gold. It also softened the black a little bit.

(I fell in love with this stamp set last year and was able to buy it for half price. Amazon and other places still carry this stamp set if you are interested in buying it..)

The three kings image was found here Since it was already a silhouette it was easy to trace to cut.

It took me longer to find the silhouette image than it took me to make the card. I could not believe that with my ton of digital images I did not have a suitable image to use.

I was able to renew the Handmade Greeting Cards book so my next project will be the patchwork stocking card that Alice has on her blog. I can't wait to get started pulling out papers and going through my scraps.

 Do you plan to make some Christmas cards or to go the store bought route? Which by the way there is nothing wrong with going the store bought route. After so many years being so exhausted on Christmas Day that I couldn't even enjoy the day I've learned to do only what gives me pleasure. I will be honest it would not give me pleasure to make a hundred cards to give so if I had that big of a list some of the cards would be store bought.

Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!


  1. Lovely, Myoriah.
    Tine (Addie24)

  2. I love it and your tutorial is so easy to follow.
    I "really" must get on with the Christmas cards and you give lots of inspiration.

  3. Lovely composition. Like you, I like this stamp. Inkadinkado is one of my favourite companies. I went through my 24 homemade cards and feel embarrased to send out store bought ones. Really, I should chill.

  4. Lovely card, love the colours.

  5. Oh, I love that silhouette image on the bottom. The star is perfect!


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