Thursday, November 28, 2013

Sequin Tree Card

I was looking through a magazine this week and an article caught my eye about sequins being the new rhinestone. I just happened to have picked up recently at a thrift some star sequins not having an idea of what I was going to use them for. At the same time my friend Myrna wanted to know how to put a shape in a frame in Studio. That sent me playing in Studio. You can't see the trunk attached to the frame because the presents are in the way.

This was my test cut and you know me nothing goes to waste. Yes, Beth it was done on the gray cardstock which I haven't even made a dent in. I'm still trying to use it up. Lol!

 I painted the tree with Folk Art Extreme Glitter Peridot. I did two coats. The second coat while the paint was still wet I sprinkled the sequins over the paint letting them fall where they may. The paint acts like glue holding them in place. I used Elmer's glitter paint for the star. I found public domain clip art of packages and printed and cut those out. Glitter paint is also used for the ribbons and bows. You can't really see in the photo but one package I even stamped small stars on. The frame was painted with Extreme Glitter Holographic. It has sort of a pink hue to it. I glued the frame flat to the blank card base but used pop dots for the tree. So it sticks up. The individual packages were also pop dotted down near the edge of the frame.

I think the next tool for me will be a sequin pick-up pencil. to pick up and place sequins where I want them. I've seen several beautiful cards using sequins. In the meantime come Friday I should have my Christmas present to myself the eBosser. I'll let you know later what I think of it.

I'm off to finish the inside of Christmas cards and decorate envelopes. I plan Monday to go to the Post Office to mail my cards. Not sure whether I'll send some packages FedEx or not. It will depend on what their flat rate boxes cost. I will be investigating that either Friday or Monday.

For those who celebrate Thanksgiving have a Happy Thanksgiving and may your dinner stay off your thighs. Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again.


  1. What a pretty tree. The star sequins are a perfect fit.

  2. So Myrna inspired you. Great. You seem to be able to do a lot with your cutting machine. Haven't heard of an e-bosser before. Must google it. Your card is so, so cute. Love the shimmer. Great idea to use sequins. Haven't thought of that before.

  3. Cool card and tutorial, Myoriah! Nice job!


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