Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Vintage Angel Glitter Card

I saw a card in the book "Creating Cards with Scrapbook Embellishments". Which was my inspiration for making this card. I knew when I saw the starry sky in the book that I wanted to use a angel image that I love. I have no idea where it came from but it has been shuffling over the years from one computer to the next. The only problem was it was too difficult to trace in Studio. I tried last year and gave up. Then I remembered I had a copy of Photoshop Elements. A ancient copy but runs on Win 7. So over the weekend I figured out how to modify the image to work. Originally the image looked like it was scanned from a tapestry so had lots of noise. I probably took too much noise out but I like the softer pastel look. I had filled the background in with black and I would like to say that with my tracing I on purpose left the black edges showing but I didn't notice it until after the image was cut. What a happy accident as I really like it!

The picture doesn't really do the card justice.  Maybe one of these days I'll learn how to photograph glitter. LOL!(click to enlarge)

I wasted my blue metallic water colors painting the background as the glitter and stars pretty much covers it up. But then my regular water colors are somewhere in a box probably marked miscellaneous.

The inspiration card used star stickers but I cut stars out  of card stock and painted them with silver nail polish. I didn't wait long enough so they were not totally dry and so got a little glitter on them.

Opps! I forgot I was going to print everything on my vanilla card stock instead of white. That meant I was going to need to do something with the sentiment tag as it was too stark. I took my antique lace distressing ink and a crumpled up piece of plastic wrap which I inked and stamped on the tag rotating my hand while stamping. I had never tried that before but decided to try it and like the effect. Of course I tried it first on a scrap piece of paper.

I sprayed my  painted panel with adhesive and put the angel lightly down so I could arrange my elements where I wanted them. Alas my dog jumped in my lap and the stars went flying before I could place them. One got lost somewhere and I'll probably find it stuck to my shoe or something. However, since I needed to work while the panel was still really sticky I had to forget about putting a star near the sentiment. Once the stars and sentiment was in place I set aside the angel and sprinkled the panel with my glitter. I have no idea the brand of glitter but I have had  it since my son was in elementary school. I love the stars in the glitter. Oh if glitter could talk the stories it would tell about crafting with my son.

 On the inspiration card the metal frame was attached  before the glitter but I wanted to pop up the angels so they look like they are in the air, All sticky places must be covered so there is glitter under them. Some of the glitter stars were standing on edge so I took my hand to smooth them down and to make sure that the glitter was down firmly.

The only thing wrong with this card is it is so pretty I don't want to give it away. I will have to keep reminding myself of how much joy whoever I give it to will get.

Are you ready to get out the spray adhesive and glitter and play? It doesn't have to be a starry sky. You could make a card for autumn with leaves and glitter or a winter card with snowflakes and glitter using this technique. The possibilities are as many as the stars in the sky. If you have an adhesive machine you could use that instead of the spray adhesive. I just keep forgetting to use mine. Plus the spray adhesive is cheaper.

Thank you for stopping by. Do come back as my next project will be a unique window vintage Christmas card and I don't think it will have a speck of glitter on it. LOL! Yes, I know I'm on a vintage kick. Then after that I have an interesting Autumn card in the works using a vintage image which I modified years ago. Oh and in the meantime I'm going to find a place to bury the stone  I bought in a shop to inspire creativity because my creativity is working overtime. LOL!

Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again.


  1. oh what sweet sweet angels and love your glitz, isn't it amazing what could not be done becomes the doable with some practice, it seems like yesterday to me that everything seemed impossible and unlearnable and I keep progressing, hugs

  2. Awww...how precious! You are really doing such a great job on all of these lovely vintage cards. I think this one is heart warming. Thank you for sharing.


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