Friday, April 27, 2012

When Is An Embossing Folder Not An Embossing Folder?

If you have been reading my blog for any time now you know that I like to craft the most frugal way possible. Which means giving my tools a real workout and sometimes finding other ways to use them. You also know that I like to experiment and see what frugal ways I can come up with to do things. Finding another use for my embossing folders was no exception.

Answer to question when the embossing folder is used as a printing plate. The paper on the left is the raised side of the folder inked. The right side of the folder is the recessed. I really like the right side. This was done with copy paper and Tim Holtz Distress ink. You will get different looks depending on the type of ink and paper or card stock which is used. 

In my experimenting copy paper seemed to work the best. It depends on how juicy your ink pad is on whether you will get the look on the right hand side above,

This was done with copy paper and my pearl pigment ink which is not as juicy.

And this last picture is for those of you on the Silhouette Plus forum who were wondering if you could emboss using a folder without a machine. Yes Virginia you can. At least with copy paper if it is damp. 

I wanted to see what happened if I misted water on the folder after inking it. While doing it I got the paper which was on the other side of the folder wet. So I played more and the copy paper does have to be wet for this to work.

I rolled a brayer over the folder with the paper or card stock in the folder both for stamping and the final one where it actually did emboss.

There you have my experimenting for the day. I hope that you find this helpful if you have a bunch of embossing folders gathering dust. Or if you should be lucky and find some at a garage sale or thrift store. Of course if you find some on sale you like by all means pick them up. ;) Not that I'm enabling you to spend money. LOL!

Have a Frugal Crafting time until we meet again.

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