Sunday, April 8, 2012

Two In One

Over at Moxie Fab World until midnight EDT on the 9th there is a challenge to use something non paper that you would probably throw out. Well I had these scraps of  ribbon trimmed lace and I'm thinking they are so short I'll just toss them. Plus they are stained on the ends. (They were in a bag of  assorted lace and ribbon I bought at a thrift shop.) So unless I was going to glue them under they would be even shorter. Then my mind got to working on how I could use these scraps of lace. I also wanted a way to give someone a necklace in an unusual way. Here is my card.

I found the Avon pendant at a bead shop for $1 and knew I wanted to turn it into a necklace for someone special.  I have been looking for months now for the perfect chain and found this chain with beads. I love how they go with the pendant.

I cut a square out of card stock and ironed  a piece of scrap heat bond on it. Then I took the backing off the heat bond and ironed my lace pieces on top after I had placed them where I wanted them. Glued the edges where the lace was stained underneath the panel.  You could also do this with pieces of ribbon,scraps of fabric,or even yarn.

I took the scalloped label in the Studio library and made it the size I wanted. Then I snipped on both ends of the top so that the chain would have a place to hang. I heat embossed the scallop panel with glitter gold embossing powder.  I did some thinking and decided to cut a square and glued it on  three sides as a pocket on the back of the scallop piece to hold the chain so that it would not hang below the card. I then attached my lace piece onto the front of the scallop piece. I decided to attach velcro buttons to the back of the panel. I found the easiest way is to have both pieces velcroed together when I go to attach to the panel and then card.  I figured by having the panel velcroed it would be easier for the person getting the card to store the necklace back on the card if they wished. Since they could take the panel off and put the necklace on it and then velcro the panel back on the card.

There you have it a couple of pieces of lace saved from the garbage and I think a very unique card.  As well as an inexpensive card to make since the square and scallop were cut from scrap card stock left over from a print and cut. The necklace cost me a total of $3 to make with left over bead chain for other projects.

Here is the Moxie Fab World link. Even if you don't have time to submit something check out what others have done for inspiration. There are lots of really fabulous entries for this challenge.

Thank you for stopping by. Do come back as you never know what I might have up my sleeve next.

 Happy Crafting!

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  1. Hey Myoriah! Thanks for linking this up to the Don't Throw It Away Challenge in the Moxie Fab World. I'm so glad you joined in on all the fun! :)


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