Friday, September 20, 2013

Happy Fall

I realize that it is not officially Fall yet but wanted to share this card I finished today.

Alas my graphic programs are refusing to open photos up. I finally though managed a workaround for now until I can figure out what the problem is so I would not upload a large file. I would hate to have you wait for the picture to load until after your coffee is brewed. ;-)

Cameron my Cameo was so happy to get to work cutting. Since the move everything has been a disaster so he has been neglected a lot. He does seem to be happy in his new home as I recently moved him into an old computer armoire. Once I found my supplies to do this technique from the August/September Technique Junkie newsletter I was happy also.
I don't remember what font I used for the Happy Fall sentiment. I welded the letters together in Studio. The leaves are from a Silhouette free file with a wood-grain heart. I deleted the heart and made the leaves different sizes.

I followed the technique to color the sentiment and leaves substituting tube water color paints for the re-inkers.  When my paints were dry I stamped with my music background stamp. To me music symbolizes happiness. I could not find my clear embossing powder and am thinking I must be out. 

On the sentiment I used a pearl translucent powder. It is alright and you can see the music through it. I just didn't care for the way it changed the colors. I was going to glue the leaves on as they were but then found my Ultra Thick Clear Enamel. I decided since I wanted the look of rain on the leaves to just use one coat. I curled the leaves a little bit before gluing them on.

Originally I was going to use a pulled gelatin print for the background but didn't like how it looked with the leaves and sentiment. I decided instead to stamp on a blank card with the same music stamp. The prints can be used for another project and besides I had lots of fun making them.

I am finally beginning to find things. I was happy this week to find my background stamps and my clear stamps. I still have a ton of organizing to do and things to find places for. A good friend will be delivering a shelving unit and desk for me next week. Hopefully before the New Year I will actually have a "playroom" to play in and won't spend all my time looking for things.

I think my next project will be a banner with a Autumn theme. Fall or Autumn whichever you wish to call it is my favorite time of the year. The leaves fall and crunch under feet. The temperature is usually cooler than Summer but not as cold as Winter. It is that in between time of the year. It is the time of hayrides and going to the farm to pick out the perfect pumpkins. I can't wait to do that with my grandchildren this year.

What is your favorite time of the year?

Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!


  1. A lovely card, very artistic.Congrats.

  2. Lovely arty leaves on your card, Myoriah.
    Tine :)

  3. Love the technique you used in this card. The shaving cream gave a nice effect.

  4. Myoriah
    Oh my such pretty leaves. Love the music theme. Your card is absolutely wonderful.
    Fall is by far my most favorite time of the year.

  5. Somehow I missed seeing this earlier. I'm so behind in my e-mails. I love this card. Your music is awesome--I love it. Your leaves are cool too.


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