Sunday, August 26, 2012

Flourish Border Gate Card

I have been playing with designing my own cutting file. Beth over at Sunflower and Dragonflies had a border which inspired me to make my own. The link can be found HERE

Here is the gate fold card I designed using the border panel which I created with some welding and mirroring. The flourish is a free one in the library which I modified and put two together. I would love to share the file but alas since I did use a silhouette shape even though modified I don't dare. My card isn't perfect but I like how the design has turned out and like always it is a learning experience.

One side of the Velcro showed. ARGH! I was able to carefully peel up that edge and trim it. Next time I am going to use a button or other embellishment and a loop. I was looking for my purple glass buttons but couldn't find them but I did find these Martha Stewart acrylic stickers which I have had in my stash..

Originally I was going to cut the base out of dark purple but in my playing I got the fold lines in the wrong place. I also discovered that the card stock with purples is really flimsy. So I went with the gray heavy card stock which I accidentally bought instead of white.

On the gate front of the base I heat embossed silver just in the center of the panels. As I wanted only the flourishes to show the silver. I could have just as easily cut out a copy and used that as a stencil using embossing ink and embossing powder.

Cameron didn't like the purple card stock so it took me five times cutting before I got two decent ones. I will have to remember and only use the card stock for simple shapes. I know it is the card stock as it cut the panel with no problems with the gray when I was playing.

I was going to weave light purple ribbon through the open scallops but it looked too blah so I went with my narrow teal ribbon.

The border was easy to design. It was the gate card which was a little more trickier. I spent several hours and a few test cuts before I could get it right.  The other tricky part was to glue the purple panels on the card-base. Lining everything up just so. Now that the base is saved I may just glue on next time the flourish. LOL! And forget about adding the cutout panels.

What do you think? Have I inspired you to try your hand at a gate card? Or perhaps to heat emboss under a cutout design.

That's all folks. Thank you for stopping by and do come back. I'm still trying to decide how I want to do my box card and alas I accidentally shut down my computer so it is back to the drawing board for some panels and embellishments. Hopefully my next post will be on that so do come back.

Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again.


  1. Thank you for linking my card up! Your gate fold is the prettiest one I have seen yet. I like the cut-out swirls. It is so very pretty. Sounds like you're still trying to use up that accidentally bought paper--LOL.

  2. A lovely flourished delight. You have done a beautiful job on the entire card. Thanks for sharing.


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