Sunday, April 1, 2012

Scrappy Note Card

Right now over at Moxie Fab there is a paper scrap challenge using scrap paper in a project. I thought it was time for me to do this challenge. Especially since my scrap pieces of card stock and papers are beginning to take over every available surface and drawers in my crafting area.

Not only that but I have all of these old bills and other mail which needs shredded and so I started salvaging some of the envelopes to use in crafting. The envelopes are lined with interesting paper which could be inked,chalked,stamped on,etc. or left just as is. If you are going to cut this paper with a Silhouette cutter you will want to use print paper medium for the cutting setting.

Here is the note card I came up with.

I cut into a rectangle a scrap of card stock left over from cutting out shapes. I decided to use the negative from the butterfly I cut out for the card in the previous post.The narrow edge left from cutting out shapes I used my border punch on to make a  narrow piece to fill in at the top. I cut a left over shape which  was the inside of a frame so it looks like a partial sun as the oval was too large. I had attempted to do a resist emboss on the front of a card but did not like how the inks worked on it so cut a couple of  rectangles from it to use on this card. The unused other side of the card is the base. Did I mention that I'm a frugal crafter. LOL!

Since the pink was plain I embossed it with a border embossing folder. The left over shape I heat embossed and then inked as it was too stark as white.

Once I had my pieces arranged on the base the way I liked them it was time to have fun.*At this point I take a picture so I know how to place them after the base is either sprayed with adhesive or run through an adhesive machine.*   

 If you decide to do this you will want to leave spaces in between your pieces because you will be doing heat embossing. That is the reason for either using adhesive spray or running the base through an adhesive machine. Depending on the embossing powder you use the base may not show. This would be a great way to use for a base perhaps a color you are not all that fond of. Keep in mind if you are using cut outs they will be heat embossed.

I wish I would have had silver embossing powder but only had gold or Bronze embossing enamel which will also work for this. I figured the eggplant pearl embossing powder would have been too much purple.

The butterflies were cut out of envelopes. Then ink rubbed on and glitter applied. Scrap Floss was used for the antenna for the negative butterfly and the cutout ones.

I love how nice this scrappy note card came together that I can't wait to make more of them to give as a gift. Oh and by the way this same technique can be used using paint samples,wall paper samples,or even photos that were bad if like me you have a bunch from the  BDC days. (before digital camera)

I hope I have inspired you to use those scraps. Also I hope I have inspired you to try this technique.  Oh and please go and salvage envelopes to use in your crafting. The less we put in landfills the happier our earth will be. Besides that using them is a frugal way to craft. Oh and here is the link to enter the Paper Scraps Challenge

Thank you for stopping by and do come again. You never know what creative thing may be next. Have fun crafting!


  1. Lovely note card. You really stay busy making some pretty things and what a great way to use those scraps.

  2. Hey Myoriah! Thanks for linking this up to the Paper Scraps Challenge in the Moxie Fab World! I'm so glad you joined in on all the fun! :)


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