Saturday, February 18, 2012

Home Is Where The Heart Is ...A Card In The Making

I must confess this project has been on the back burner for several months now. I saw in a book a card made with a shuttered window. I wanted to do something similar but I wanted my window to be more like what you would see on a Summer cottage. I knew what I wanted but alas my drawing skills are on a preschool level. While looking through my tons of graphics (yes,I need to organize them) for Christmas graphics I found one with a frame I liked and thought might work . It traced with no problems. Then it was figuring out how to do the shutter part. I finally decided the easiest way would be to draw a rectangle and replicate it. Then since I have the Designer Edition of Studio to erase the side lines and draw lines and change the cut style to perforated. I think in the future I will forego the perforated lines as they had a tendency to want to tear.

Next challenge was figuring out how to have the shutter when open pretty much the same inside as it is outside. Also how to add  brads for knobs without the prongs showing really bad.  I decided to layer with the brad prongs being in between. I edged the window and shutters with Antique Linen and to add a richer color rubbed it over the cut out shape.  The frame is pop dotted on the card base.

To be honest I would cut the shape out of non-core card stock as it would be easier than trying to get the layers lined up. I think instead of having brads on the outside I would score the shutters so they were all the way open.

The sentiment was the easiest part. It is a print and cut. I didn't though want to leave the card stock white.  After it was cut out I decided  since my brads are green to use a sea sponge and Peeled green ink rubbed over it. Then I edged it with the Antique linen and rubbed that also on it.( I would test the ink you wish to use to rub over something already printed as some inks may cause whatever you printed to bleed.) I decided I didn't want to glue the sentiment on the card. Instead I found these cute spiral paper clips.

The scene behind the window is a print and cut on transparency film. Note to self set blade setting at least  two higher than recommended.

I know you were ready for the big reveal in the first paragraph. Ta Da! Was it worth the wait?

Unfortunately it is difficult to photograph transparency but it really looks like a window with the shine. The transparency film left over will be used in other play.

Over at the Silhouette Plus forum I am co-hosting a card challenge. Yes, this is my shameless plug here. It will run through the 28th of this month and there will be a prize. I would love to see what window card you come up with. The link for the forum  is on the right hand side of my blog. Under the challenge section there is a post with lots of inspiration if you are at a loss of what to do.

Thank you for stopping by. I am going to play with sculpting paper so do come back and see what I come up with. Lol! Hopefully the card I make won't take me as long as this one.

Have a fun crafting week!

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  1. That turned out great! Thanks for hosting the challenge; the window card is an excellent idea. :)


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