Thursday, November 3, 2016

Embossed Glaze Panel Autumn

Hi everyone I decided to try a technique I read about and it didn't turn out as planned. Sometimes my play can be a learning experience. I was however able to save my glazed panel and make things work. Let me know if you think I saved the day.

Can you tell I've been hiding in my craft room and playing lately. Yes, and that is one of the challenges I'm entering this week. Especially since it is a free style challenge. Not sure exactly what that means but I think this card will qualify.

 I just didn't like the look of the glazed panel on the white embossing. I first airbrushed the panel in different shades of yellow. Still didn't like it so added brown.  Must be the mood I'm in today as I still wasn't happy so ended up putting the alcohol blender marker in my airbrush.

The sentiment was stamped on a scrap of calligraphy paper. I love this stamp from Just For Fun. Not only is it fun to stamp with but also to cut out free form. Plus it reminds me of falling leaves.

I took my embossed panel and chalked the leaves. Using bright pan chalks and my finger. However when I took my finger and spread Plaid Glitter Dimensional Magic over the panel the chalk smeared and the leaves were pastel instead of brilliant fall colors. Perhaps I needed to use darker colors and a heavier application of chalk when planning to apply a glaze over the chalk.

 I decided to go ahead and let the glaze dry overnight. I did like how the chalk mixed in with the glaze coloring some of the gold glitter.

Then this morning a possible solution came to me. O.K. my alcohol markers bleed through on this card stock so I'll see what happens when I color on the back of the panel. The markers didn't bleed through where some glaze seeped to the back but still it was better. Alas the dark yellow doesn't show up well in the photo of the panel but I wanted to show the shine and glitter.

The instructions had the panel matted but I forgot that detail. I guess because for the most part I'm not a mat girl.  Because I used strong double sided tape to adhere the panel I was afraid I would ruin my card by pulling it up and adding a mat.

Challenge I'm entering:

I know I probably sound like a broken record but I encourage you to join in challenges. Not only is it fun but the more you stretch your creative muscles the more creative you will become.

O.K. I'm off to hide once again in my craft room to work on another weekly challenge. Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!

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