Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Re-purposed Jar Fall Project

Hi everyone I've had sitting in my cupboard these empty square jars which olives came in.  I decided while waiting for management to come to do the annual inspection I would start work on one to transform.

Anyway this is now on a shelf. I will do the other jar now that they have come and gone.. I'also decided to glue raffia on the top part of the jar that I already had.

My outdoor Mod Podge was all dried up but I have some Vintage Mod Podge which I have had for almost two decades so I used that to glue the leaves on the jar.

I bought the fabric leaves at a Dollar store about five years ago and although I keep using them they came in a good size package with lots of them. *Sigh* I haven't seen any since. However, I'm sure you may be able to find the leaves at a craft or even a fabric store like Jo-Ann.

Then I put a flameless tea light in it. This one you have to blow to turn on and blow to turn out. Wouldn't be good for outdoor as the wind would be turning them on and off. LOL! Of course you could use regular candles.

That is all for now. Wishing you a Happy Fall as well as Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!


  1. That's pretty cool. I love autumn and the way we can decorate things up. Love the rafia.

  2. Great jar. I love fall the best out of all the seasons.


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