Friday, October 11, 2013

Magic Halloween Card

Hi Myoriah here today to share with you a Magic Halloween Card. For those who belong to the Silhouette Plus Forum I still have hair. LOL! Once I figured out how to do this card it was easy and it really is magic as you will see from the photos. Go grab yourself a cup of coffee and prepare to be enchanted.

Doing the ribbon is a real pain and you will see from my photos that I got it too loose on the crisscross. Next time I will go and use card stock for the strips like in the tutorial that Nick made. It will be a lot easier. All images are from Dover Publications I just did a print and cut for the separate single ones. Shh! Don't tell anyone that I didn't use a single stamp. I might have to use my name stamp on the spider panel.

Sorry I accidentally cut off the bottom of the card with my camera but I was afraid that I would not get the glitter to show again on the ghosts if I retook the picture. I started out using double sided card stock that I bought at a Dollar Tree store. I figured this orange would be perfect for a Halloween card. Alas although Cameron was set to cut to the edge he didn't so I had to trim both cards so that the fold was in the center. The cutting file is super easy to make as you will see when you watch the video. Of course if you wish you can always buy the template from Green Sneakers.

I edged both cutouts with Vintage ink to give a little bit of dimension. I then used a glue stick on part of the ghosts and sprinkled Martha Stewart crystal glitter. The pumpkin with the ghosts is pop dotted.

 This is the inside of the card. The ghost image actually has a secret message which will be visible in the last photo. My images could have been a little longer and I did think of adding a border at the top and bottom of them. I did manage to put the image so that you have one or both eyes showing on the crisscross side. The Halloween was glued onto the image. The image did not come with it but I thought it was cute. Just make sure you do not get any glue below the image if you add anything as you do not want the image stuck to the card stock or the magic won't work.
This is the back of the card or maybe it is the front. LOL! I traced the spider with my clear glitter pen but it does not show up in the photo. I just couldn't resist this cute spider and hopefully it will not gross out my granddaughter who is afraid of spiders. LOL! You will never catch her rescuing a spider and placing it outside or letting a spider live in the house.

This is the inside of the card. Notice how the images are now in reverse position and a message is revealed. Just ignore the childish printing. Now you know why I do everything on the computer. When you close the card you now see the pattern front again. Of course you could always do both fronts the same and use solid card stock for it to really look like magic.

Here is the link and video for how to make a magic card. I thought of doing a tutorial but this video is so well done. If you do not want to buy the template from Green Sneakers a inch slit is about right for the top and bottom.

This is a really fun card to make and the person who receives this card will think that you are a Magician. If you don't want to make a greeting card you can use this same process and make a Magic Card to wow your friends with. When I was growing up I had one I would put a dollar bill in and show my friends. They never could figure out how I made the dollar bill change positions. LOL!

If you decide to make a magic card  please come back and leave me a comment. I would love to know how it went.

Thank you for stopping by and do come back. I'm not sure what I'll be doing next but it might be a technique from Technique Junkie newsletter.

Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!


  1. Lovely spooky magic card, Myoriah.
    Tine (Addie24)

  2. Cool card !!! You do make the best cards.
    I am way too lazy to go to so much trouble. Love your spider !! A couple of my grandkids are scared of spiders too. Isn't that funny ....the many things we share?


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