Friday, September 6, 2013

Thinking Of You

Several months ago on the blog Golden Moments I won a magazine. Not only did Alice Golden send me the magazine I won but she sent me another one along with a box of goodies. She had written to ask if I had an embossing machine. When I told her I am the proud owner of a Big Shot she included several metal embossing folders and dies.

When the box came although my apartment was in chaos from my move I started playing with some of the embossing folders and dies. I had taken a square piece of card stock and embossed just the flower from the Thinking Of You embossing folder. I was going to use water colors on the embossed square but  the borrowers were at it and the square disappeared. If you saw my playroom right now it would surprise you that I can find anything. Well I was looking at my papers pulled from my DIY Gelli plate and decided the first paper I had pulled experimenting with acrylic ink would be perfect for using the Thinking Of You embossing folder.

Here is the card I came up with:
The background paper is one I pulled Sunday. I used a piece of ledger paper to pull the print on. An organization was doing Spring cleaning and was giving away office supplies to anyone who would take them. When I saw the pad of ledger paper I knew that eventually I would find a use for it. crafting.

 I placed bubble wrap on my paint covered gelatin plate and removed it. Then I ran a roller stamp on the plate. The stamp was suppose to be two linked hearts but it doesn't look that way on the paper. That is the fun of Gelli printing as you never know for sure exactly how a print is going to turn out.

I wanted to use the Technique Tuesday H initial stamp set Alice sent and decided to cut a flower out of the same paper that I used for the embossed panel. I edged the flower using a gel pen.

I cut a piece of my ink paper to size and embossed it. Then I took a metallic water color and painted the flower. Some of the paint got outside the lines but as A.J. Otto said there is no mistake it is suppose to look handmade. I took my black fine line Sharpie and drew around the petals. I also used it to draw around the letters giving them a little more definition. I made some dots in the center of the flower with a couple of gel pens but didn't like how it looked. I took my green Stickles and made dots with that. Then with aqua Stickles I went around the edge of the frame. Given my poor lighting it was hard to see the embossed frame so my lines aren't perfect but after all it is a handmade card.  I finished the embossed panel by applying bead ribbon I had bought on sale awhile ago. It was suppose to be self adhesive but isn't. No big problem as a glue stick applied to the back is perfect for adhering it to projects.

There you have it my handmade Thinking Of You card. Now to do the inside of the card and get it in the mail to let someone know that I'm thinking of them. What a pleasant surprise it will be for them to find something besides bills and junk mail in their mailbox. :-)

On Facebook someone recently asked if anyone sent mail these days. Not  e-mail but the old fashioned mail that you actually have to drop in a letter box or drop off at a Post Office. Sadly most of the comments were that they did not because it was quicker to send an email and cheaper. To me this is sad. Have you mailed anything besides checks to pay your bills lately?

Thank you for stopping by and looking. I'm off to check out some ideas for invitations and party decor just in case I'm taken up on an offer to supply those things for a party next month. So if you don't see me for awhile you will know that I'm knee deep in crafting. Either that or lost in the playroom in which case you better call someone to come looking for me.

Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!


  1. Myoriah,
    You have done a marvelous job with your card.
    I still like using snail mail. I have the odd person who still sends snail mail and it is always a lovely surprise to find it in the mail box.

  2. Congratulations on your winnings. How lucky for you! You did an awesome job. I still use the mail system to send out surprise thank you cards and just sent one this week. It makes peoples day for sure.


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