Friday, November 16, 2012

Stain Glass Snowman Card

Last year I bought a book of stained glass Christmas coloring pages. I had already made my Christmas cards so thought I would scan and use the images this year. I forgot about the book and then found it while cleaning. LOL! Of course I could have saved myself the trouble of scanning in the snowman image as Dover Publications offered it as one of the samples this week. Although I printed it on vellum it could be printed on a transparency. I did print the snowman on white card stock.

Here is my card:(click to enlarge)
The card base was painted with Folk Art Extreme Glitter Hologram. It was too pinkish looking and I was going to put another coat on but accidentally picked up my patio white paint. I didn't realize I had used the wrong paint until I coated over the glitter paint. I went ahead and rinsed out my foam brush and immediately painted the Hologram over the white paint while it was still wet. I love the way the card base turned out.

The image is from Dover as I mentioned. I traced the snowman part so I could cut it out of card stock. The whole image is printed on vellum. Although I'm not sure you can really see in the picture I rubbed white metallic chalk over the vellum. It did give the natural vellum more of a white color. I used metallic chalk to color all but the red berries and the black eyes and mouth on the white card stock. I used color pencils on those and went back and use the black color pencil on the coal buttons I then went and wiped white chalk over everything. You really have to look hard though to see the sparkle.

The snowflakes are a Silhouette free file. I was going to paint and glitter them but changed my mind. I also decided to make them larger than I had originally planned. The snowflakes hide where the vellum was glued to the card base. As does the card stock snowman panel.

I am disappointed with the Inkadinkado Metallic Chalks. I love the colors but at least on light color card stock or paper they don't have the Metallic shine that I was expecting. I will later on see what happens using them on dark paper. The colors are different from my other blending chalks so it does give me more colors to work with. Also they are easy to work with using either the poms that come with it or something like Fantastik.

That all folks! Thanks for stopping by and do come back.

Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again!


  1. Hi Myoriah. Love vellum at Christmas. Nice card. I am still waiting for some vellum to arrive - got lost in the post about a month ago! :( Not a happy bunny.
    Tine (Addie24)

  2. Myoriah, great card, love your use of vellum and your elegant touches of glitz, hugs

  3. Oh Myoriah,

    SO SWEET. I have a "thing" for vellum too, how'd you know? Thanks for your post.


  4. Myoriah,your Snowman card is fabulous! I love the vellum design and all of that wonderful winter looking sparkle. Thanks for sharing.


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