Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sneak Peek

This is what I have been working on lately. This is my attempt at using my Silhouette and Embossing Enamel to make jewelry. I need to buy findings and add Dimensional Magic to the bottle caps. Just want to make sure the Twinkles is totally dry first. This is what I have done so far.(Click to enlarge photo)
The monogram I designed in Studio using Lucida Calligraphy. I love how the M and W form what looks like a lightening bolt. They were coated with silver nail polish.  I took a fishing flasher and coated it with bronze embossing enamel. It was rather worn looking like the gold one here. Then glued the monogram down. I then coated with clear embossing powder. This will be on a necklace. I"m not sure if I want to string beads to put it on or what yet. I'm kind of leaning towards using some wooden beads. The smaller monograms are on card stock which has been heat embossed also. I had a hard time getting the two layers to stick together but thought that they might need more substance since they will be earrings. I ended up putting wax paper down in a book and putting the ovals in the book. I think it would be better to glue the card stock shapes together and then emboss with the enamel. Next time I will use some kind of a clear coat instead of clear embossing because a little bit of the bronze melted onto the letters. The image on the bottle caps is a jpg. I was going to cut the letter itself out but ran into problems. I made the letter a print and cut and had Cameron cut out circles. I found my Twinkles while cleaning and decided instead of using Mod Podge to coat the bottle cap with that instead and use it as a glue. I poured a little bit in the bottle cap and rotated it. Then I put my circle in the middle lightly brushing more over the letter. I used the paint brush to center the image where I wanted it. It is hard to get a good picture of it. Not sure whether I will use these for earrings or glue them on pony tail holders. I have a couple of months before Christmas. If anyone has other ideas I would love to hear them.

The bottle caps would make nice magnets. I've seen bracelets made using them. I can see all kinds of uses to re-purpose them.

Have I inspired you to try your hand at making some jewelry or to re-purpose what you might throw out? What projects have you been working on? Have you tried something new?

That's all folks! Oh and for those on the Silhouette Plus forum I didn't raid my roommate's tackle box he gave me the worn flashers. If you don't have access to fishing tackle go hit the yard sales and thrift stores if you wish to make some funky jewelry. The possibilities are endless.

Thank you for stopping by and do come back. Wishing you Happy Frugal Crafting till we meet again.


  1. Can't wait to see them when finished. Really like your monograms!

  2. Fabulous work. You are a very creative lady, always showcasing something new. You're full of ideas. Was at the stamp show in Novi, MI and came across Picallo (tried to google it for you and can't find it). It is thin, thin cardboard that costs next to nothing and can be done up to the nines. The finished "jewellry" looked so real. You should see if you can come across the stuff. I know you would do awesome with it. PS. got my program from the weekend and will hunt down the info for you.


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